“The Battle for Middle-earth” Photos by Stan Buštor

When we sat down and talked about the new web design, there was this underlying current of interest in finding a featured post that would be as epic as the new design. We had seen the photos by Stano Buštor before, but we hadn’t really taken a long hard look into what he captured during “The Battle for Middle-earth” event in The Czech Republic back in 2012.

So as things got down to the wire I decided this was a photographer and event that deserved some love.

Please take the time to check out the full photo gallery Pán Prstenů – Bitva o Středozem facebook page, Here!
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3 thoughts on ““The Battle for Middle-earth” Photos by Stan Buštor

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  3. Jake Grant

    Hi Tom,
    Im writing a dissertation on the multiple platforms that J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings explores at university. I was wondering how many people turned up to the event in Czech Republic in 2012? And is there any more world famous events like this recognized by New Line Cinema, Warner Bros or the Alan and Unwin Publishers?

    Thank you
    Jake Grant


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