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Editor’s note: The below post was written by Matthew Oostman and Ron Leota. What they give you is a succinct description of their game, the world they created and the creative process involved in implementing the game.

What they only hint at is how quickly this game, that only runs twice a year, is blowing up, selling out months in advance and breaking nearly all of the expectations of it’s participants. I expect to see big things coming out of this game in the months ahead!

Spite: A Science-Fiction LARP is a twice per year high-immersion/low-rules live action game. Our events center around factions working within a humans vs. aliens scenario set in a near future Earth shortly after a full-scale invasion.

When we began writing Spite about 3 years ago we wanted to bring a unique LARPing experience to the Pacific Northwest. We are both avid LARPers and enjoy many types of games but there were some genres and styles we had not seen locally or at least hadn’t seen combined into a single game.

We were inspired by a number of local LARPs. LAST Games’ Zombie and an assortment of “European” LARPs were a big influence with their simplistic rules and once per year models. High-immersion games like World of Oz and Shadow Accord influenced our decision to make a fully WYSIWYG game. Alliance and Devia were also big influences on our combat intensity and economy.

One of the things we wanted to build when creating Spite was a supportive LARPing community. We celebrate our role as many of our players’ second or third LARP. It’s our hope that we can encourage players from all over our area to try out other games and share their knowledge, skills, and props as much as possible.

Our model for Spite has always been to run a limited number of events per year in an underrepresented genre. Initially we considered a zombie survival game with a sci-fi twist, however Dystopia Rising, a nationwide franchise zombie LARP, established a local chapter and filled that niche. Rather than compete with another local game, and keeping true to our desire to run something unique, we decided to continue developing the rules and reworking the story.

After some brainstorming we came up with a game about humanities struggle versus a race of intelligent humanoid insect aliens: the Dromanae. Things fell into place quickly as we wrote the world and finished the rules. We really found the genre we were looking for that would provide exactly what we wanted: a game with a low entry-barrier but with a ton of room for elaborate costuming.

Roughly six months ago we ran our first game and we were blown away by the support of over a hundred attendees at the event and the level of immersion they brought with their game play and their own stories. We just ran our second game at a sold out Camp Kirby. This has pushed us to look at much larger sites for future events. We both look forward to the future of Spite and appreciate the amazing staff and players who make it all possible.

-Ron Leota and Matt Oostman Spite Game Runners / Creators

You can read more about Spite, and interact with the community, in their public Facebook group or you can read all about the game, it’s rules, themes and everything else on their website: www.spitelarp.com.

All photos courtesy of William Myers.

Have you been to Spite? Chime in down on the comments and tell us about your experience.


Does this game sound fun to you? What makes an event worth attending? Is it setting? Rules? Community?

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Oct 06, 2015

Imagine a world that incorporates elements from all your favorite genres of novels, games, and movies.P1190950

Now imagine being able to go out and adventure in that world.

That’s exactly what the new LARP game The Westlands aims to bring to the Seattle area. Infused with a healthy dose of the spirit of the Old West, Gunslingers, Wizards, Zombies, and Paladins all come together in the fictional town of Skeleton Creek. After the gold disappeared and the miners abandoned their caves, Skeleton Creek became all but a ghost town. Now, with the discovery of a new gold vein, the Westlands Mining Company is trying to attract workers back to the town. At this time of influx and chaos, the mayor has gone missing and the sheriff has called a town meeting to elect a council to run the town in his absence.

The Westlands is a European-style LARP, set in the 1800s Weird West and featuring a strong Steampunk aesthetic. The team behind it have decades of roleplaying and LARPing experience spread across three continents, and are trying to bring the spirit of European LARPing to Seattle.

The unique thing about the Westlands is that the level of tech, magic, and even power in the game are all dependent on in-game character actions. The research the characters choose to do moves the world forward along one or multiple possible routes. Getting in early is a sure way to make sure you have influence over the world, both in-game and out-of-game, as the organizers intend to make everything about the game a collaborative experience.


The first game session is scheduled for the 27th July, at Cougar Mountain Regional Park (see the facebook page and event page for more details).The wiki holds setting and system information, including the simple character generation process.

Check out our Kickstarter Project if you’d like to contribute!  (The first game is free to play, so please consider the Kickstarter as a way of contributing.)

We hope to see you in Skeleton Creek!

If you would like to see your game in the Friday Featured Larp spotlight, send a brief description of your game, details on your next event, and three or more photos to kiri@larping.org. It’s a great way to get the word out and bring new players to your larp!

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Jul 19, 2013

lloyd the conqueror

Larp Costume Contest!

The very gracious guys who created Lloyd the Conqueror have given us 6 free tickets to give away to the midnight showing of Lloyd the Conqueror at the SIFF theater in Uptown, Seattle, WA.

To give away the tickets we’re going to hold a very simple larp costume contest. We want to see the most creative costume photo you can come up with. That’s it! Put on your garb, snap a photo (or submit one you already have), post it to our forum and done! The top 3 entries win one pair (2) of tickets. Then, show up to the Lloyd the Conqueror screening tomorrow night in your costume (how else will we identify you…) and claim your tickets!

We’re looking at three very subjective categories:

  • One picture that “WOW’s us”.
  • One picture that makes us laugh.
  • And one for the most creative.

Note: Your costume doesn’t need to be the most expensive and elaborate. Get creative. Get your friend for an action shot. Scan your picture into your computer and digitally enhance it. Come up with a hilarious pose. Really awesome gear won’t hurt, but it’s not essential!

Contest Rules

  • Only one entry per person.
  • You must register on our forum and submit your entry under “Seattle Larp Costume Contest” topic.
  • You must show up to the screening in your costume to retrieve the tickets.

What are you waiting for? Get over to the Forum and win some free tickets!

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Oct 05, 2012
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