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 If you love LARP as much as we do, you spend a good amount of time perusing the internet for awesome LARP content. We are talking endless hours spent watching everything from how-tos for items you will never craft, to battlefield footage that may or may not have been shot with a potato. Every once in a while a web series pops up and you watch the episodes over and over in agony patiently wait for the next installment. Doesn’t matter-you can’t get enough. We at LARPing.org are all about connecting you with resources to enrich your LARPing experience, which is why we love sharing quality content to feed your addiction.

Especially if it’s about us.

momo post

When we learned one of our favorite Youtube personalities was making a web series about her character for our Voyage North trip this year, we got a little excited. Okay, a lot excited. Our staff works hard to help US and international LARPers experience the largest North American LARP and it’s so encouraging to see this level of involvement…before she even arrives on site! (Players, take note of this initiative).

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The She, being none other than the amazingly talented Mo Mo O’ Brien.

When Mo Mo O’Brien and friends announced they would be joining us this summer, we knew we were along for a whirlwind ride, but this is some next level stuff.

Her new web series, “The Reba Rapscallions” will chronicle her character, Saga, as she and her friends journey out of Reba and to our camp at Bicolline. We can’t wait to meet them!

Oh and yes, we are already shipping.

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dat smolder.


Jul 09, 2015

Last post, I talked about making a huge meal for all the guests who attended the Sweetbuns’ wedding. I believe the final tally of those on the meal plan for that event was somewhere in the 60’s. I already ran the inn and, therefore, the meal plan for the events. A lot of people who normally chose to make their own food plans rather than be on the meal plan opted for the special wedding meal plan that particular event, so I although I was accustomed to making meals for large numbers, this was unprecedented for me.

I had planned carefully – there was a turkey, beef roast, lamb roast, ham, and venison. There were boiled potatoes, and a variety of vegetables. There was freshly warmed bread and a couple of soups to start the meal with. You get the idea; as well as trying to get married numerous times that day, even with a lot of help, I was spending a lot of time in a hot un-air conditioned kitchen in August. I was also wearing multiple layers in a heavier, fancier fabric that I normally did, as that was my wedding attire. Add to that a large apron to ensure that I stayed relatively clean, and a forgetfulness to keep hydrated and what do you get?

Heat stroke and dehydration.

Just prior to dinner being served, I decided to have a little rest in the shade. My inn staff knew what final preparations needed to be done, and were accomplished servers by this point, so I felt I could relax a little. Instead of relaxing, I basically blacked out. After having trouble rousing me to serve me dinner, a Medical Officer was called. He apparently also had issues getting any response from me and was just about to have a car brought in from the parking lot in order to have me transported to hospital when I started to come around. I was “pulled from game” and made to stay in the shade with plenty of liquids on hand. The Medical Officer stayed with me the entire time, and I was not allowed to play again until I had imbibed enough liquids that I had gone to the loo (twice, to be sure of rehydration). Even then, I was forbidden from combat for the remainder of the day / evening; that wasn’t such a hardship as Epiphany was still one to hide behind her man and friends than to get into the thick of things.

Let me be really clear on this cautionary point: Playing a LARP can be engrossing and all encompassing. In the excitement, you can forget to eat or drink; drinking being especially important during hot summer months. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR EXPERIENCE TO BE DAMAGED BY LACK OF FLUIDS OR FOOD. Be careful and ensure you stay properly hydrated. After my experience, I commissioned a leather water bottle holder from a leatherworker friend of mine and I always had something like a PowerBar to snack on somewhere on my person. Some players carry waterskins. However you decide to do it, keep drinking lots of fluids and make sure you eat at regular intervals.платная регистрацияaracer.mobiраскрутка сайтавзлом почты yandex программачехол для macbook pro retinaмгновенный займ на счетcasino online blackjackmayfair dubai escortsmerit otel casinoRoulette practiceафриканский заповедник маньярафитнес для беременных

Jan 30, 2013


Larp Romance

Rinaldus still courted Epiphany. She was crazy about the large human who would do anything to protect her. She had many friends in town, and a local Confederate name Rhysander had appointed herself Epiphany’s “heart mother”. She was the owner of inn and had stability. Sure, the town constantly faced dangers, but her friends always got her through. She didn’t think she could be more content in place that was not her own home, with her own blood family around her.

However, unbeknownst to her (or even to me, OOG), Epiphany’s love interest had gone to Epiphany’s “heart mother” and asked for her hand in marriage. Consent was given, and Rinaldus began his plans to propose to Epiphany.

On the Epoch Toronto boards, there are a number of different sections, several of which are public and can be read by any visitor to the boards, whether a member of Epoch Toronto or not. It was on these public boards that Rinaldus started a thread where he simply asked Epiphany to walk with him. It ended with him proposing; a shock to me when I read the post, but I was equally delighted that my character was going to have such a landmark life event to plan towards.

Larp Wedding

Wedding planning began. If you’ve ever planned a wedding, or even witnessed a good friend go through some of the family demands that can pop up because of an impending wedding, you have a vague idea of what Epiphany faced over the next few moths. Her confederate Heart Mother demanded she be married by a Shaman or the wedding would be invalid in her eyes. Her Kaaernish friends insisted she be cleansed by all possible methods of any alchemical or other taints before Compelling Truth on her and asking continuously whether she really wanted to commit herself to a human; to this particular human; to a lifetime of equality with a male (see the Kaaernish race details for explanation of this attitude); and then they gave her a claiming pouch with which to properly claim her male. Her NOSian friends pooled their resources to bring a NOSian Priest into town for the ceremony.

All told, on the day set for the wedding, Epiphany and Rinaldus were married in three separate ceremonies, finally satisfying the criteria set out by the diversity of those they loved.

Epiphany cooked a huge meal, as the entire town was invited to the ceremony(ies), and handed out traditional sweets to all the guests. As Rinaldus had no last name, having previously been a slave, and since Halfling tradition dictates that the couple take on the surname of the most prominent of the two families, the Sweetbuns name lived on.topod.inaraceraracer.mobiвзломать страницу вконтакте бесплатночехол для макбук эйр 13заказать кредитную карту по почте через интернетcasino gratis tragamonedas sin descargar cleopatraindependent escort websitemerit cristalWilliam hill betting shop radioтуры в африку сафарибалет братиславская

Jan 17, 2013

Epiphany wanted to be an inn owner. She wanted the prestige of catering to townsfolk and travelers and having them revel in her culinary skills. She wanted a home, someplace she could call her own.

And she was very determined.

The Ladle and Cauldron

The Ladle and Cauldron

The town (barely more than a wide spot in the road) was named Carreg Wynn, and the inn was “The Cloaked Rider”. Its owners where not adverse to selling. They had had enough of the shenanigans of the area. The small town had been built upon the ruins of a long ago great city, fallen during the plague and subsequent uprisings of various factions. Only a few rubbled remnants remained; an entrance leading to a labyrinth, a foundation of what was once a great library, etc. Apparently, the area was well known for its troubling guests such as ghosts, demons, and other unwanted visitors.

Epiphany was still determined. And so she began negotiations with the inn owners to purchase the inn. She didn’t have a lot of money personally (Daddy handled money at home), but the townsfolk of their previous home (the town of Haven) where just as happy to provide funds, knowing that they would be getting Epiphany’s home cooking daily. When negotiations soured, mostly due to Epiphany not having experience in such things, her beau Rinaldus stepped in to save the day yet again.

The little Hafling had her inn; she was ecstatic. Next, she decided to rename it to some more suited to her own personality. “The Ladle and Cauldron” was open for business, and business was booming.

Next came hiring serving wenches, setting prices for various items (such as dinner and a cot for the night, just dinner, just a cot, etc.), finding suppliers for food sources, etc. It was an exhilarating and busy time, and I had a blast doing it. It provided for some wonderful RP opportunities, such as working out a trade system with some local Kaern for some of their hunting skills to be used to supply meat for the inn. Because of all the violent activity in the area, she had to arrange for repairs to be performed regularly and located several tradespeople who she basically kept on retainer to work on the inn as might be required.

Still a non-combatant and basically terrified of her own shadow, Epiphany had somehow managed to become one of the more influential characters in game.продвижениеtopodin.comaracer.mobiпрограмма для взлома контакта бесплатнокожаный чехолкредит для бизнесаcasino gratis 24sunny escorts dubaionline casinolarConverse jack purcell blackотдых в россии май 2015йога в марьино

Jan 02, 2013

Epiphany quickly become quite popular. Not only was she able to cook and bake to the entire town’s delight, she also loved to do it, so it was never a burden for her to suddenly whip off a mound of cupcakes or a venison roast for 40+ people.

She was also young, considered attractive, and there were a number of male Halflings in town who made it clear that it was a-courtin’ time Being rather naive, she wasn’t always aware that “that nice fellow” was actually trying to win her affections rather than simply being sweet and assisting her in some dire time of need. The winner in this game of hearts ended up not being a Halfling at all, but a human. A former slave and soldier, he fell hard for the quiet and lady-like Halfling who filled his belly regularly.

Winning Epiphany's heart

Winning Epiphany’s heart

Now, as an example of how immersive these games can get, you might recall me stating that I have a fear of the dark. One evening, as her human hero accompanied her (along with a number of other companions), entities began to follow them through the woods and it became obvious that trouble was brewing. Epiphany was suddenly tugged gently off the path by her human companion, and he whispered, “Blow out your lantern. We need to move silently and without any light to stay out of danger.” I’d love to tell you this was simply a line he was feeding her for courting purposes, but Epiphany knew the truth; her lantern could mean life or death. Without a though, I turned off my lantern. Within seconds my real life phobia kicked in and all I could think of was, “Am I out of my F$%^ing mind?!? What am I doing in the deathly darkness of the forest with folk who plan to attack me creeping after me?!?” I am proud to say that I did not turn my lantern back on; I am ashamed to say that I grabbed onto to my human companion, quickly stated OOG my fear, and clenched onto him so hard that I doubt he could have defended us had we been attacked at that point. He managed to get me to our safe haven, our cabin in the woods, where he ensured that Epiphany was tucked away behind a locked door with several others who would defend her should it come to that.

And that was when Rinaldus won over Epiphany’s heart. They continued to court for the better part of a season, including during a period of travel from one “town” to another. IRL (in real life), there had developed some issues between the site we had been using and our club. Since there is no reason to go into any sort of boring tirade on that topic, I won’t, except to say that the AD (Artistic Director) had to basically raid and lay waste to our original town in order to ensure that all the characters had reason to move to the new site.


Where Epiphany promptly set her sights on buying the local inn / tavern.aracer.mobiпродвижениепродвижения сайта самостоятельновзлом wifi пароля бесплатнобампер на айфон 4sвзять кредит для малого бизнесаcasino online 338aoriental escort dubaicasino oyunlar? indirRoulette softwareгрупповые туры в танзаниюводяные дизайн радиаторы

Dec 27, 2012
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