April 2018

Shadowed Realms, Pinckney, Michigan

Shadowed Realms

In the beginning everyone is born with the natural ability to become something more, something greater than those around them. The fearless Knight, the crafty Mage, the sneaky rouge or the Bard who sings of those heroes and villains of ole, which ever you may be or have heard of, each and every one started somewhere. Some started in small farming communities, others in large capitals in a far away land. Where ever they may have come from the one thing they have in common is their thirst for adventure, power, and fame.

In every story that has ever been told there is a starting point, this story starts in Shadow Dell! A land of wonders and monsters. Here is where your feet have taken you; here is where your thirst shall be quenched. Here is where you will make your name!

Shadowed Realms is played on location with over 100 acres of vast terrain. From wooded land to rolling hills to cliffs and a lake, to a swamp and gravel pits, we offer land with total immersion. The Shadowed Realms game is located at 110 Swarthout Rd. Pinckney, Michigan 48169. Our event season runs from March until October and they run from Fridays at 6pm until Sundays at noon. (We do offer some one day events in the winter when weather is permitting.) With 24 hour game-play and plenty of space to camp, Shadowed Realms offers you the chance to experience a medieval fantasy setting, high adventure, amazing roleplaying, and a really good time.

Website: http://www.shadowedrealmsgaming.com/

Forum: http://shadowrealmsgaming.webs.com/apps/forums/

Email Address:: CaitlinNF-Kyo@hotmail.com

City: Pinckney

State: Michigan

Country: USA

Venue: Privately owned land

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  1. Steven April 1, 2015 4:46 AM

    Hi I’m huge into cosplay and really want to try larping but I don’t know how to go about it. Like how to dress how to larp just everything in general. Could you help me out.

  2. Jon Ferris January 13, 2018 10:29 AM

    My Friend and I are looking to Larp, found you on the web. Hope to hear back.


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