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Requiem – Lowell, Massachusetts

Larp Massachusetts

About: Looking for a larp in Massachusetts? Look no further than Requiem. Requiem is a Fantasy Adventure (LARP) Live Action Role-playing game based in a mythical world with elements of magic and limited technology. We use the FAE rule system (Fantasy Adventure Education) which focuses on learning through role play and goal oriented rewards. Requiem uses a system of live action Boffer combat. This system uses no dice, nor anything like that to simulate combat, except foam weapons made to (safely) resemble real ones. The focus of our rules is to promote a purely In Game atmosphere where you are always pretending to be your character while attending the LARP.

The World of Nexus:

The game takes place upon the world of Nexus. Nexus is a very dangerous place where your ability to wield the forces of magic, faith, steel and technology may decide your fate. The Age of Conflict is upon us and many races are on the brink of extinction. Nearly all civilizations have fallen to ruin, entire continents have been destroyed or disappeared, the gods have all awakened and Undead and Demons roam the land in vast armies. To survive in this world you must gain allies and hone your skills.

Combat System:

Combat in Requiem takes place using a mix of Boffer and Latex weapons, beanbag packets, foam nerf products etc. to act out physical confrontation in a safe manner. Combat is lightest touch meaning players and NPC’s should pull their swings and count blows against them even if they were barely felt. In addition to prevent ‘drum rolling’ or ‘machine-gunning’ we have a “3 hit rule” meaning a player should only swing 3 times, hit or miss, then step back and pause for 1 second before resuming combat. All weapons must be safety inspected at check in and players should remember to bring materials to repair or remake weapons should their initial rep not pass a safety check. Safety is of utmost importance.


In the Requiem system there is no ‘out of game’ during the event unless you leave site. Players are encouraged to act and react as their character would throughout the full duration of play. Players and NPC’s are expected to remain in costume and in character as much as possible. There are no ‘Holds’ called to pause play in order to handle rule calls. We use an honor based system with simplified core rules that allows for a minimal need to interfere with the flow of game. Should there be a need for a localized pause to the gameplay we use a ‘caution’ call and only resort to a complete stop of play in emergency situations.

Genre: Fantasy

Website: http://www.requiemlarp.com

Forum: Requiem Forum

Email: plot@requiemlarp.com

Phone: None listed.

Venue: The Citadel

Address: 342 Franklin Street Worcester, MA 01604

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