January 2018

Sindeon is a camp for children (under 18), the main event is a two-week camp but they also organize events and camps all year long such as: 5-day winter camp, long weekend programs, etc. Sindeon is the heart of the Lower-Empire; a world set in a Lord of The Rings style world. The events do not tie to the Lord of the Rings, although they have orcs, dragons, elves, dwarves, etc.

The children are the players, but the organizers are not just NPC’s, they are players as well.

During the year, the organizers, create all the costumes, armor and weapon for the whole camp. The children dont have to bring anything, they just receive gear based on their character.

The fight system is a really cool non-combat style: every item and every person has rings which they pull on their finger to fight.

Recently, they made a horse-riding training camp combined with the game which is why you will see some horses featured in the photos.

There is no ‘out’ zone or time: the game goes on for two weeks non-stop.

You can find out more information about the camp below:


wood_sword wizard protectors_of_the_queen pirate_captain presenting sindeon on a childrens day program our tents phoenix_armor horse_queen monster_dreamwalker orc group orc warchief orc1 orcs horse_knights group photo from winter camp going_to_fight girls and archery girl_knight girl knight elven girl2 elven girl elf girl elf girl 2 conquering

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