April 2018

We’ve covered the Snaga: Jeden Kmen (One Tribe) before, but their recent photos of combat show the pure passion and savagery they bring to the LARP experiences they both host, and attend.

The “One Tribe” project is an attempt to explore the world of the Orc in a new way. In the last post we did about this project we looked at the camp life, and setting created by this talented team of friends. In this installment, we look at the detail of their costumes, and the players who engage with them at events.

The “One Tribe Project” is mainly made up of a group of friends who regularly get together, go into the woods, and take on the role played by so few… but to an extent often not thought of. Their attention to detail is astounding, going beyond simply dressing and camping like Orcs, but also taking on the role music, ritual, and tribal relations would have.

This group is absolutely fascinating, and the perfect example of what a group of friend can do when they attack an idea head on. Whether it’s for one of their own events, or attending as guests, Snaga: Jeden Kmen is always impressive.

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