December 2016

The forces of men stand in wait to protect their mighty city of Gondor. It is the third age in which their King, the mighty Eärnur has driven the vile Witch King out onto the field of battle and defeated him. Though, not forever, we, the forces of men, know that the Nazgul will return and we will be ready to defend our home and all of man from the darkness.

Bitva o Fort, roughly translated (thanks Google) as “The Battle of Fort” is a game in the Czech Republic that takes it’s theme, setting and story from Middle Earth. The setting dates well before the events of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, but is part of the pivotal history of those stories.

The Game takes place in the real world at Fort Radikov, hence the name of the event.

In the pictures below you will see shots of forest and the fort which give a stunning backdrop to the awe inspiring costuming and detail of these players efforts to become part of Tolkein’s universe. Their commitment to detail and excellence is fanatical in it’s execution.

But none of this is possible without the stunning work of Daniela Bogarová. Her view on the event is stunning and we commend her for her work. We’ve featured a lot of great larp photographers in the past and her work is one of the best. Do her a favor and like her Facebook page: Paní Danda fotí. Supporting artists like her in any way we can is super important if we want to encourage people to continue to produce great art surrounding larping.

As you scroll through the photos try not to think that these aren’t extras from the latest Hobbit movie…

Here is the full storyline from the Bitva o Fort website. It is translated, via Google, from Czech to English so please forgive the grammar, but this will give you a better idea of the setting they are going for within the Tolkein universe:

The story takes place at the beginning of the second millennium of the Third Age during the reign of King of Gondor Eärnur, who as a young general led the army to fight that surprised in Fornost and the head of an army defeated the Witch King of Angmar. Eärnur himself caught mightiest of Nine at the northern hills before him but he managed to weave his horse to face the lord nazghúlů shied away and took him into the field. Despite the great victory at this insult will never forget …

The same applies on the Witch King himself, who in his halls in the north plotted a plan to Eärnur revenge.Before long, he gathered around him all the servants of darkness, who lived beneath the Misty Mountains and struck a hard blow to the king of Gondor. Unexpectedly emerged ahead of Minas Morgul, conquered the citadel, and penetrated the darkness of the valley. He knew that fighting Eärnur can not put this loss. Yet rather regularly sent its ambassadors to the White Tower to the king constantly remind his runaway escape after the Battle of Fornost.

Himself anxiously waited in the shadows Morgulské towers and stolen Palantir looking that his ruse worked.Forgiven a smirk when he finally saw the king Eärnur head of the military men, elves and dwarves, as the bridge crosses over Anduin and goes to Morgulskému valley. “It’s time to summon the rest of the Nine,” he thought, and went into the catacombs …

The event takes place each August in the Czech Republic. If you’re interested in reading more about the rules, setting, or anything else about the game check out their website here: http://bitvaofort.eu/.

Or follow them on Facebook here.

Have you attended this event? Sound off in the comments. We’d love to hear of your experience. Is it a magical Tolkein experience? It sure looks like it.

Here in the states, not many larps are based in existing fictional properties: Would you, North Americans, be interested in attending a larp set in the Tolkein universe?

Tell us why.

As always, send us your latest and greatest adventures, we want to show it off to the world: info@larping.org

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  1. Vojcek September 30, 2015 2:35 PM

    I had the honor to attend this battle, it was one of the best organised battles I have ever been to. There were two forts (wooden) to conquer, great leaders, many atmospheric characters and lot of props (whitch made the atmosphere really realistic). The fight was realy hard, partly because of the terrible heat, mostly because of tough enemies. Many times hrough the battle I thought “Why am I doing this, this is insane, i can’t fight any longer” but in the end I was glad that I could experience this unique event and that I was part of it. It is realy the best battle I know. Because I know the organizers, very well (they are my friends) I know that they put everything they had into this, and it paid back.


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