April 2018

The Game

Lands of Exile truly represents the next generation of live action gaming in the U.S.. Check out this inspiration gallery to see what we mean. This southern U.S. LARP out of North Carolina has already drawn a loyal following of players and it’s easy to see why. Even though Lands of Exile has only been around since Spring of 2015, it is sure to see a burgeoning and loyal player base if it keeps up the level of immersion and quality it has established at such an early stage. All photographs by JC Mero.

The Lore

Let’s take a look at a snippet from their lore section to get a sense for what this game is all about, just in case you were curious.

Life on our plane of existence started well before light ever touched its surface. In the beginning were the Eldest, which embodied various core characteristics of our particular plane. Sho’thar embodied shadow, while I’nil embodied light. Memnis embodied the elements, and together with all the other Eldest, the first life was known to spread across the planes. Descended from them were the Fae. Closely resembling their predecessors, the Fae were also near pure embodiments of their particular traits, but deviated slightly from their elder roots. Where Memnis embodied all earth, fire, wind, and water, the Fae of the forest chose to follow the paths of water, earth and life. Over time, these deviations finally led to the creation of man. The oldest of these roots lie in the Elven bloodlines. They are most widely believed to be the most direct decedents of the Fae. They still hold immortality in life, though these new peoples could be killed by blade or unnatural means. It is said all other life descended from the first Elves, adapting to their various life styles and habitats through the ages; Dwarves growing stout and hardy in their mountain top and subterranean dwellings, where the Orcs grew more muscular and powerful in their war like culture. Though, with the birth of man, that conflict began to arise.”

The Logistics

Games are held in the Spring and Fall, which as you southern U.S. LARPers know, is the only real time the weather down there isn’t dangerous! Browsing the rulebook, the mechanics and skills seem to be quite the refreshing departure from other games of its ilk, abandoning complicated calls and caveats in favor of streamlined combat and magic systems that seem to borrow quite heavily from their European counterparts. Check out more of the pictures below and if you’re in the area, give them a try. I only wish I still lived in the area so I could!



Spencer works in technology, and has been a LARPer in every aspect of the term since 1998. He likes the community most of all, but also really enjoys designing encounters and discussing LARP theory and mechanics. It is his goal to see the hobby grow and get better with every passing year. He lives in Marietta, GA.

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