April 2018


Conquest is high up on my personal bucket list of larps that I must attend before I die. I’m pretty sure it was seeing pictures of Conquest of Mythodea years ago that helped inspire me to start this website… but I digress. Conquest is one of the world’s largest larp events attracting 10,000+ people each August to a field in Germany that they completely take over and transform it into one of the most beautiful settings ever conceived.

Below are a series of shots from Picture Time from this year’s Conquest event. They photographer made this statement about the photos:

The army sergeant. A kind of military police in a Fanatsy World. Inspired by the classic Guardian man of patrolling the streets and grandma kitten gets from the tree.


We’ve covered Conquest a bunch in the past, check out all of our old posts here.

If there’s a larp event that you love and want us to showcase, send us all the information to info@larping.org. We’d love to feature it.



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Sep 25, 2015

Empire LRP‘s event Autumn Equinox has concluded and the photos have been streaming onto the internet so we just had to share some from one of our favorite larp photographers Charlotte Moss. She regularly takes stunning photos of larps and we love her work! Keep it up Charlotte.

We highly recommend you head over to her Patreon page and make a donation before checking out these stunning photos.

Check out our Burgschneider line!

Want to look this good at your next event?

Sep 24, 2015

I’ve seen some well done camping in my time. Heck, I think our crew from The Voyage North, and Bicolline in general, had great in character/period camping. But these shots of camp life from Epic Empires are blowing most of it out of the water.

Epic Empires is a large fantasy based game in Germany with several thousand participants. The game’s concept is that a race of near omnipotent beings have invited the most powerful warriors from all over the universe(s) to come together for an epic struggle. Due to the open nature of the setting there are a TON of character concepts and themes running through the game.film Nocturnal Animals online streaming

As I look through these shots I can almost feel the wonder and the huge amount of attention that has gone into every thing that was done to make these camp sites feel like they fell right out of a fantasy novel. Moritz Jendral is the brilliant photographer behind these shots and has done a spectacular job of capturing the feel of each of these locations.

Stay tuned all week as we look at Epic Empires and Moritz Jendral’s amazing work there.

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Feb 02, 2015
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