May 2018

Today’s inspiration comes to you via Junktown the post apocalyptic festival for all things post apocalyptic. The photos were taken by Marius Sachtikus Photography.

We love to see what great feats of costuming, setting, character design and roleplaying people are accomplishing all over the world. That’s why we share these types of photo galleries: in the hopes that you’ll see one photo that will inspire your next costume, or prop, or character.

If you’ve got an event or set of photos that the world should see please email us: info@larping.org. We’d love to feature you in our next article.

Art galleries, live action role playing, concerts, film showings and an incredible setting all combine to become the post apocalyptic festival known as Junktown. Located about 20 minutes outside of Prague, Czech Republic Junktown is actually situated on an old missile base on 20,000 meters of broken down, decomposing goodness perfect for the end of the world.

Don’t know how to make a post apocalyptic costume? Don’t fret, they’ve got all the instruction you’ll need in this handy video:xXx: Return of Xander Cage streaming

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Posted by Junktown

What would you think of a Post Apocalyptic festival coming to a town near you? Larp all day, music and art all night. Sounds like a blast to me!




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