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Larp | California

City Genre Name
Chula Vista Vampire/World of Darkness Crimson Thorns
Costa Mesa, California Theater Genres Wyrdcon
Games take place at various conventions. World of Darkness Dreams of Deirdre
King City Amtgard The Principality of Westmarch
Los Angeles Fantasy Combat Dying Kingdoms
Los Angeles Theater Genres Live Game Labs
Lower Lake Fantasy E’DION
Mendocino Fantasy Fanwar
Orange County Combat/Fantasy Lannerea Battle Games
Sacramento World of Darkness Collective Works
San Diego Changeling Cage of Dreams
San Diego Vampire Pawn’s Gambit
San Diego World of Darkness The Grimm Truth
San Francisco Fantasy Alliance Larp – San Francisco
San Jose Nero Nero West
Temecula Vampire: The Requiem Seize the World
Turlock Fantasy Badlands of Torkrest

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