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Two weeks before your first larp is probably the most thrilling time before you are there. Right now I am counting down the days until I can get out there and role-play. At this point, you should have your main outfit, back up clothes, undergarments, shoes, accessories, and your character ready and worked out. If you don’t, that’s okay; just make sure to not forget any of those things. They are vital when it comes to the game!

Now that you have the basics, you need to gather what you need to pack. If you’ve never gone camping before, there are plenty of lists of what to bring. I linked a video in my last post that gives an awesome list of what you need.

The Basics


Bedding can vary between larps. My personal larp has cabins, but some larps do not. If you have no idea, try to find out through their website. If you can’t find any answers, then you need to bring everything that might be needed (tents, sleeping gear, lighting, etc). Finding out you left something important at home can be very frustrating.

Pán Prstenů - Bitva o Středozem [2012] by Stano Buštor

Some larps do not allow candles for safety or insurance reasons. It’s very easy to drop something or for a spark to fly, sending the entire camp up in flames. In this case, you will need to find a way to bring safer lights with you. Find realistic lanterns that only need batteries (getting creative to stay in decorum is a lot spiffier than just bringing a flashlight!), but as I’ve said before, don’t burn through your wallet on your first event. It’s your choice to make, as always, and it’s okay; in the end, a flashlight is better than being stuck in the dark.


I talked a little bit about food in my previous post, but we’re going to talk about in-game and out-of-game food. When going to your first larp, please do not feel like you need to do something if you don’t like it. This is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and if you aren’t enjoying yourself then it’s not worth it. That being said, if you’d like to push yourself to do more in-game, go ahead. With food, try not to bring a lot of foods that need to be prepared; it’ll save you a lot of time and probably a few bucks. In my larp, fairies have mostly an herbivore diet, but will eat meat if they can get it. For that reason, I’ll most likely bring fruits and nuts. They are easy to carry, they don’t spoil very quickly, and they don’t have to be prepared. Out-of-game food is another thing entirely; bring whatever you feel is necessary for you to survive the weekend.

The video from my last post is a great companion to this if you need more information.

Do Some Homework

Check out all that you can about larping. I personally love watching documentaries on all things in geek culture. This is just a small selection of movies and quick reviews for you guys:

Monster Camp

A wholesome movie, but with patches of negativity that can be off-putting. If you know anything about this hobby, you should know that we get a bad rep. Take films and documentaries like these with a grain of salt. They are good for educating yourself on what you’ll be seeing, but not for a generalization of the hobby.


Go watch this one for sure! It follows around mainly one person, and he’s very interesting and a pretty good roleplayer. I think out of all the documentaries, this one is a good one with little-to-no negative connotation on larpers. The group is very cool and combat based, so for the fighters out there, this is for you.

The Wild Hunt

I am a scary movie kind of girl. I love zombie flicks, classic monsters, and gore and horror films, but when it comes to larping, I don’t want the two to coincide realistically unless it’s for my immersion. Here’s why I do not suggest watching this film: It hits very close to home. When you are excited about larping, and what it can bring, the last thing you need is something to burst your bubble. For me, this was it. If you can take these kinds of films like its nothing, don’t let it stop you. I just didn’t personally like the light it reflected on larpers, because it was honestly one of the worst.

Final Tips

For me, I feel like I have so much more to do before the big game, but studying the rules, making sure everything is prepared, and purchasing things beforehand is all I really need to do. This is a small portion of the preparation.

Don’t rush to spend your money

Make sure you know exactly what you need and don’t cloud your judgment. There’s plenty of time for that awesome armor set or those dragon scale bracers, but right now you need the basics, especially for your first game.



Don’t forget to prepare

I know this can contradict the statement I just made, but you want to be over-prepared. It really helps to have more than you need so you won’t forget a single thing.

Don’t get overly anxious

Everyone been a noob before, and it’s honestly okay. People want you there, so be polite, social, and humble; this will help make your first experience awesome.


What other tips do you have for your first event?

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