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Treasure Trapped is finally going to be available for your home viewing pleasure. If you’ve lived under a rock, or are new to the larp community (welcome!), then this film is a must see and a perfect stocking stuffer for the larper on your list.

Here at Larping.org we’ve been covering this film from it’s infancy in a Kickstarter campaign, to it’s World Wide Crazy Ass Viral success shooting the College of Wizardry Documentary, to finally showing the film in Seattle and meeting their team in person, we’ve been along for the ride the whole time (yes I know that’s a run-on sentence).

I’ve watched the entire film at least three times, and skimmed past clips of it lots more than that (thanks press screener!) and I can’t get enough of it. I already bought my copy and can’t wait to get some more swag, and my hands on a shiny new dvd of the film. Sorry family, we’re having a very larpy Christmas Day when I gift this to one of you…

As of the writing of this post they only have $2,000+, and that’s despicable, because this film is amazing and you should all own a copy. Like in the future other larpers will judge you, in a fun non-asshole way, on whether you proudly display this as one of the last DVDs you ever bought.  Let’s blow the success of this film sky high and help them get over $10,000 in the last few days of the campaign.

Go here and get yourself a copy asap! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cosmicjoke/treasure-trapped-on-dvd-and-bluray

After a year of theatrical touring, the indie LARP documentary is coming to home viewing!Online Generator Little alchemist Gems

Returning once again to the platform that launched the film three years ago, Manchester’s Cosmic Joke are running a Kickstarter campaign for pre­orders of the Treasure Trapped DVD

and BluRay.

For those that don’t know, Treasure Trapped is a documentary that explores the curious hobby of Live Action Role Play, a film that saw three British filmmakers on a whirlwind ride around Europe discovering what happens when you take pretending to a whole new level. Critics have described the film as ‘an amusing experience that informs and educates’ and ‘ a solid offering that does LARP proud.’ The filmmakers themselves have described the film as ‘beyond impressive considering we made it!’

The film was successfully funded through Kickstarter back in December 2012 and released two years later in December 2014. Throughout 2015, the filmmakers took the film on tour, screening for cinema audiences and LARP groups alike in over 5 countries with highlights including an appearance at San Diego Comic Con and playing to a sold out audience in London’s favourite indie cinema, Genesis.

Due to popular demand, the film is now making its way to DVD and BluRay for home viewing. Running until December 4th, either version can be pre­ordered through Kickstarter as well as loads of extra merch. Both releases will be filled with unseen special features and more of the crazy LARP shenanigans that have won fans over in the last year’s theatrical tour. Running for a limited time, this might be the only chance to get your hands on the film, so if you’ve seen it and loved it or missed out at the cinema, get pre­ordering a copy now!

All info on Treasure Trapped here: www.cosmicjoke.co.uk/treasure­trapped/

Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cosmicjoke/treasure­trapped­on­dvd­and­bluray


Spencer works in technology, and has been a LARPer in every aspect of the term since 1998. He likes the community most of all, but also really enjoys designing encounters and discussing LARP theory and mechanics. It is his goal to see the hobby grow and get better with every passing year. He lives in Marietta, GA.

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