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“After weeks of lobbying, bribes, child sacrifice and extortion, we’ve done it! Success tastes so good!”
– Claus Raasted

As if we didn’t already hate all the Europeans for their exceptionally good LARPs, awesome government views on LARPing, and awesome settings, the folks at Liveform have forced us to truly loath them on another level.

Through the power of witchcraft, blood sacrifices, and extortion they have amazingly been funded $500k from an anonymous source at the EU. A Polish official was quoted as he left his office, “Tell Claus that if those photos show up on the internet I am going to destroy him”. The source could not be verified.

In the coming week’s it’s unclear how the team plans to use the more than $500k of stretch funding, but some speculate they plan to take the immersive level to all time highs by purchasing the only remaining copy of the “Necronomicon”. This unholy tome would give the chance to bring the costuming level up a notch by summoning real demons from the 7th realm of hell to NPC for their evening modules. It’s unclear if they will charge the demons since they won’t be playing active players throughout the week.

We’ll be sure to update you as things progress!

For all your news on the First of April, be sure to check out LARPing.org!


Fund College of Wizardry!

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Apr 01, 2015

101 Photo 4

We recently got a chance to interview Kristin Brumley about her webseries project – Basic Aventuring 101! If you haven’t had a chance to check out their video, you can see it here.

Here is what she had to say:

Can you tell us a little bit about the series?

Basic Adventuring 101 is a comedic fictional webseries about LARPers, following one adventuring party as they experience one weekend of LARP shenanigans.

101 Photo 2

How did you get the idea for 101? What made you decide to film 101?

I’d always wanted to create a webseries, quite honestly. One night driving in the car I simply realized that there wasn’t anything stopping me from doing it except my belief that I couldn’t. That isn’t to say it’s not a lot of work, but the biggest challenge will always be overcoming your own doubts.

The fact that it is a webseries about LARPers stemmed from the fact that I’ve been disappointed with LARP in the general media. I’m an avid LARPer and a huge supporter of the hobby, and it occurred to me that not only could I strive toward my dream of being a webseries producer, but something really good could come out of it too! I wanted to create something positive about LARPers, representing what I felt the hobby to be from our perspective.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, and those involved in the project? How did you all meet?

I’m a Marketing Specialist by trade. Social media, websites, graphic design…that’s my day job. My real passion lies in video production, however, and I’m both a producer and vlogger in my spare time. As a LARPer, I’ve created a vlog series called Stay in Character (which is, of course, hosted by the lovely people at Larping.org!). I’m predominantly a fantasy LARPer, although I enjoy a good steampunk or post-apocalyptic LARP when I get the chance.

I have a big cast and crew involved. Great people. Great friends. Only a handful of them were people that I really knew going into the project and the rest were acquaintances or friends-of-friends (or happy random happenstances).

What’s you and your team’s experience with larping?

The writer, Liz Stong, and I both LARP a lot. In fact, I’m the one who got Liz interested in LARPing in the first place. Eric Kociecki (“Brian”), Saker Alexander (“Will”), Rob & Maria DeHoff (Fight Choreographers), and Zach Knox (Behind-the-Scenes Director) were also LARPers that we pulled into the project and that we had played with regularly in the past. We also had a lot of people involved who had never LARPed in their life! Haha. That was actually a great dynamic to have, because it meant that we were introducing a lot of new people to the hobby.

101 Photo 3

Why do you like larping?

Many, many reasons. I love sword fighting. I love costumes. I love role play. I love being around friends. Above all I love the opportunity to be anything I want to be in a supportive environment.

What made you decide to use two different sets of costuming and props show the difference between “in game” and “out of game”?

First of all, there’s comedy in that contrast. It stems from reality in that to make a LARP work, you have to use your imagination and your creative skills. We all know that we’re not in a magical realm with elves and dwarves when we play a game, but for a few days we imagine that we exist in one.

We wanted to demonstrate this phenomenon by drawing the viewer into the fantasy world before breaking the “magic” and revealing the man behind the curtain. We wanted people to think, “Wow! This is epic! This is real!” before breaking the illusion at the same time the characters are having their immersion broken in the game. You, the viewer, are in their shoes.

What is your goal with the project?

I want to create a series that LARPers are proud of–and that they are a part of. The fact that we get our funding from our viewers (and predominantly LARPers) means a lot to us. I’d like to keep the power in the LARPers hands as much as possible.

How can someone who wants to help get involved?

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for Season 1. Contributions are extremely appreciated (and we’ve got a lot of great LARP rewards, including game vouchers available), but sharing the pilot and the kickstarter with your friends is also important.


Additionally, we are looking for a costumer and a few more acting roles for Season 1. If you are interested, please email kristin@basicadventuring101.com!

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May 28, 2014
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