April 2018

From time to time the team at LARPing.org finds craftsmen from around the LARP community that really catch our eye. It is our hope that we’ll be able to begin featuring these amazing artisans in an interview format with some example of their great work.


A few weeks ago we sat down with Feral Workshop to ask them a few questions about their work, some recent activities they’ve been part of and some of the things they have coming up in the future. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Tom: It looks like you guys had a big release event on May 4th? Tell me a little about that?

Valérie: For the 4th may we went to the medieval fair in Montreal and made a great impression on everyone there. It’s our biggest advertising event of the year, we went with around 20 people, friend and satisfied customer, to advertise the workshop. We participed in a lot of fighting competition, all clad in armor, so people could see that the stuff we create is strong enough for any kind of Larping activities.


Tom: Where is Feral Workshop located?

Valérie: The Feral-Workshop is located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec.


Tom: If you are LARPers, what LARP do you attend?

Valérie: Yes we are really active LARPers, we normaly go full time to les Terres de Bélénos and Darokin , but we’re always trying new place every year so we end up doing around 14-15 event+ in a summer. We would really like to try Bicolline, but our schedule hasn’t permitted us yet.


Tom: How long have you been working on costume and leatherwork?

Valérie: Louis-Philippe started leatherworking around 8 years ago when he started doing live event more and more every summer. As of me (Valérie) I have a tailor formation and I’ve been doing leatherworking for 2 years.


Tom: What are some of your inspirations (movie, literature, stage, ect)?

Valérie: There’s so many inspiration! We’re two active gamer, so any fantastic-Scifi-medieval kind of game is inspiration, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Guild Wars, Starcraft, TERA, Diablo, God of War, etc… For the literature/movie part there’s of course the Lord of the Rings books and movies, the books ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and the Game of Thrones series. The Demon Cycle of Peter V. Brett is a really good inspiration of us too. There are many other but I would say those are the main ones.


Tom: What are some of the goal or plans for Feral Workshop this year?

Valérie: We would say that our goal for this year is to get more and more people to know us and our personalize-custom work. This way we’ll be able to continue to spread our vision of the medieval/fantastic costumes and armors in Quebec, but also to our client in other countries!

Tom: Thank you so much for talking with us, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Feral Workshop!

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Feral Workshop on their Facebook.

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Thomas Miller

As Creative Director of LARPing.org, Tom's time is spent doing everything from research, design, development, writing and editing. This Detroit native attends LARPs all over the US, and enjoys everything from Post-Apoc to Modern Culture LARP settings. He currently sits as Lead Plot and Story designer for The Voyage North.

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