April 2018

Conquest came and went, but we have not heard anything from the LazyLarper.

What going on? What happened in the land of Mythodea? Did he survive? Did one of his brothers get him?

The gypsy located him dressed up as Tobias Kettle on his way home to the small land of Lunorth in the Northern Seal of Mythodea.

While taking a break, the LazyLarper (or more precisely, Tobias Kettle) tells us about what happened at Conquest.

  • The fire camp captured Argus, (okay, maybe not the fire camp, but for Tobias it was the fire camp).
  • Also the Kettles finally meet the Kutscher Guilde, and got their asses kicked. Only because of the city, I swear!
  • A lot more happened, but it is much easier if you just watch the video.


If you where at Conquest, what did you experience?

We had fun, met a lot of people, and filmed so much that one video would be almost too much.

So here is the second video, a small tribute to the largest LARP in the World and a happy 10 year anniversary.


For the people that do not know, Mythodea traditionally changed game locations almost every year. However, next year they are in the world of the Ratio, called the Mirror World, where things are a lot different.

Lastly – If you have picture, a video, a story send it to us at lazylarp@gmail.com

We always like to hear from you guys and get inspiration!

These Mythodea videos have been underway a while now. We hope they are worth the wait, more conquest videos are to come shortly.

Thanks for hanging in there, you guys are the best.


Hope to see you all and hopefully more next year.

– LazyLarper and the rest of The Kettle group

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Martin (LarpForge)

Martin, alias LazyLarper, is a LARPer from Denmark. He is the most un-lazy larper we've ever met and is the host/producer of the webshow LarpForge. He started LARPing at the age of 12, loves to make his own weapons, costumes, etc. which comes through in his show!

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