April 2018

This was a great talk given by Lizzie Stark at the Living Games Conference which took place in New York March 14th-16th. She wrote up this article based on her keynote speech discussing how to create a positive and inclusive community for your larp. It has some great incites on how you can not only help your own larp have a great atmosphere, but also how you can help the larp community among several games in your area. Thank you for this great write-up Lizzie!

If you would like to learn more about Lizzie Stark and her work, you can visit her website or check her out on facebook.

Lizzy Stark (2)

Lizzie writes, “Last weekend I had the honor of delivering one of the keynotes at the Living Games Conference, the US’s first academic larp conference. The whole experience was a blast, and I wanted to post some of my notes for whoever wants them.

“Some issues around community include, how to introduce new things to existing communities, how to capture people not currently into gaming and get them into larp, and how to be intentional about the community you are creating. One of the things I love about gaming in general and larp in particular, is that it’s a social hack: even if the experience sucks, it bonds you together.

“When we design games, the rules and guidelines structure a social interaction. In the same way, we can use rules and guidelines to structure community interaction–we can do social engineering for good.”

To read more about Lizzie Stark’s advice on how to create a strong gaming community for your game and your larp community, you can find the full article here.

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Claire is the Content Manager for Larping.org. Longtime role player, cat lover, and medieval enthusiast, her goal is to help connect the larp community and celebrate the awesome hobby we all share!

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