February 2018


Let Go & Immerse Yourself


Armistice Arcane will transport you back in time to the victorian age where you will become one member in a vast arcane where the future of the magical world will be decided.

This will be an experience of high-politics, gothic horror and magic. It’s not an experience for the light of heart either, as participants will explore themes of light and dark, friendships, alliances, diplomacy, fear and anger. Among other things this all inclusive, block-buster style event is going to look at what it means to push the levels of “acceptability” set forth by society.

All-Inclusive Experience

provide all players with a weekend of immersion with all lodging and food included.

We also provide a number of items, depending on which package you purchase, to enhance your in-game and out-of-game fun.

New Orleans January 5-7 2018

The event is being held at the Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans – a Victorian Era luxury hotel with spacious, well-equipped rooms, thematic decorations, delicious catering, and a beautiful view of both downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter.  Considered one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, it might also provide you with even more of a magical experience than we could expect!


Peculiar Crossroads Productions have been running and designing games for over ten years. The team is made up of Mark Hill, Rob Paul, Kathy Amende, Scott Brown, Corey Lowenberg, and Jaimie Spencer. Their team is ecstatic to bring their creative visions to a much larger audience with Armistice Arcane.

When & Where?

The event will be hosted at the Le Pavillion Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 5 – 7th, 2018. The event is all-inclusive: food, lodging, props, custom character creation and a truly immersive experience!

The Story

The Armistice Arcane, inspired by the Penny Dreadful novels of the Victorian era, is a game set in New Orleans during the late Victorian era.  It is the story of eight magical societies that have formed in the United States since its founding as a country.

I'm ready to join the Arcanum and push the levels of acceptability!

"Instead of action driven by stats on a sheet, the characters in Armistice Arcane have richly detailed histories to push the story forward."

Every person that I’ve talked to who has attended a Peculiar Crossroads game in the past has had the same resounding praise, “The writing is stellar!”. From the overall story of the game, down to the minutiae of the characters written for each participant the writing that drives the story forward is the hallmark of their events.

Over the summer their team wrote an epic event that I wasn’t able to attend, but many of my close friends were able to attend and they are all still raving about the writing, the characters and the story Peculliar Crossroads were able create.

Now, for the first time, they’re bringing all of their prowess for a large international audience to host their own blockbuster larp.

I took a few minutes to chat with Kathy Amende and ask a few questions for players who might not have taken part in a game of this type:

Q: How will this event compare to other larps most americans might have attended?

K: Armistice Arcane is a Nordic style larp fully committed to collaborative storytelling, immersion, and emotional resonance. We want our players to be, as much as modernity will allow, drawn into a world of our making and to help us tell stories by experiencing that world rather than playing a game. Unlike in traditional parlor larps that have dominated the American scene for decades, Armistice Arcane is not tied to an established setting or rule system and thus has carved out space for an original and unique narrative.

Q: Is this a “nordic larp” and if so, what makes it a nordic style event?

K: The beauty of Nordic larps is that they tend to be artistically driven, and so the game experience reflects the vision of the designers. A few years ago, when we removed conflict systems and numerical sheets, we discovered that our players had an entire new level of immersion in the story we crafted. While conflict through mediation is not a new concept in America (games like New World Magischola have had great success with this), it is still gaining traction in our public freeform larps. Instead of action driven by stats on a sheet, the characters in Armistice Arcane have richly detailed histories to push the story forward. They have motivations, objectives, goals, and webs of connections to other players that will allow for a fuller immersion into our magical Victorian New Orleans.

Q: Why custom written characters, as opposed to letting players write their own?

K: We have created a world already populated with these characters in order to make it both easier to build a comprehensive story and to make immersion and immediate play easier for the characters by ensuring that 1) every character has an important role to play int he story and 2) so that every character can come in with a web of connections to other characters.

Q: What level of customization will participants have with their characters?

K: The players do get to have some say in which factions they play in as well as the kind of relationships their characters might have. We ask our players questions about comfort levels and the things that they are interested in, and then give them characters that jibe with the answers they’ve given us. For our leader positions – characters that have earned more respect in back story – we spend a great deal of time talking with them and making sure that they are prepared for leadership roles. We also ask them to suggest some elements that we can add to their characters that would make them more easy and fun to play.

And, we allow for a lot of room for building stories with other players about things that might have happened in their shared backstories. For example, all of the members of the Cirque can come up with some stories that might have happened during their travels with the circus, as long as those stories don’t conflict with what’s in their sheets.

Tickets are selling out quickly. Don't wait!

There are only 100 tickets available for this event and since nothing like it has been done in the states it is sure to sellout fast! They’ve already sold nearly a third of the spots available and factions and characters are taking shape.

Don’t wait to get your spot!

Oct 09, 2017

Have you ever wished you could craft LARP weapons from foam like the master foam-smiths at Nemesis Workshops? Well, here’s your chance, but you better move fast! Only 3 of the 8 spaces are open this year, so be sure to jump on it!

The workshops nemesis will open again the doors of their workshop for a training exclusive on the manufacture Weapons of latex!!!

There will be a new block available for training; the 6th and 7th of June 2015. The training will include two blocks of 10 hrs working. It will be to produce a weapon simple from a to z calling for different techniques that can be reproduced as much to The house that with equipment, a little more industrial.

Each participant will leave with his weapon project completed, as well as a file reference or will be indicated the suppliers accessible For some materials and equipment and a reminder of manufacturing steps, and materials needed. Each participant will then have access to a 35 % discount on an order of equipment in addition to their custom weapon.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Places are limited, already 8 people of the college lionel – groulx are listed. Only 3 spots available to complete the course, so act quickly! The deadline for registration is 15 April 2015. For more details email; contact@ateliers-nemesis.com



Not familiar with Nemesis Workshop’s work?
Check out our gallery below for all the juicy photos!



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Mar 24, 2015

Editor’s Note: The article below is an interview of sorts. I asked David Ashby a bunch of questions and this is how he answered them. It may not look like an interview; it is.

Underworld LARP is an 18+ horror fantasy game.  We’ve been running for almost 20 years now, but we’ve incorporated and been running seriously as a business for the last 7 years.  Our games are full weekend events and we specialize in full immersion “hardcore” role-play.  We strive to break the mould on what a larper is considered to be by the mainstream media.  We’ve been coined the “Rock Stars” of LARP by more than one media outlet here in Toronto, which sounds cool, but is a bit odd given the fact that we’re all running around the woods dressed as elves and hitting each other with plumbing supplies. We’re averaging about 150 to 200 players per game during our summer seasons and we have chapters running in Toronto, Edmonton and London Ontario.  I’ve personally been an owner for the last 7 years, before that I was a player.  Edward Watt, my business partner has been here since day one.

I’m happy to say we are successful in Canada and I think, honestly, it’s a result of old-fashion hard work.  We’ve structured our game to make it very appealing and easy for new players to find their place and we created a safe supportive community that acts as a second family to a lot of players. Hell, sometimes a first family.  We have our ups and downs like every larp but we do the best we can with the tools we have and it’s worked for us so far.  Having incredible players helps a lot.  We keep things from getting stagnate by continually upping the bar.  Aside from the grey hairs and little sleep, this year we managed to safely hoist a Banshee Queen 15 feet into the air on guide wires then zip her across our field while she rained down death upon our terrified players.  On our Halloween event, which tends to be our flagship event, we built at 20 foot giant undead, that 80 players took on, in an epic battle that would rival many action movies.  I don’t know what we’re going to do next year but we’ll just keep on going and changing things up to stay relevant.

Underworld on Dragons Den

Recently we were approached by one of the scouts for Dragon’s Den, to do a “spectacle” pitch on their show.  They refer to a spectacle pitch as one that is heavy in theatrics, fills the stage, etc.  The fact that we were scouted, rather than having to apply like most folks, was pretty complimentary.  We were given a month to come up with a pitch, organize our best 15 players, build our rock golem and get our books in order.  It was incredibly stressful but we pulled it off.  We were asking for $60,000 in exchange for 25% of the company.  That money would be used to secure a deposit on a plot of land that we could build our own facility on.    We’ve grown to such a size, that we’re almost capped out on what our currently rental site can accommodate.  If you own a larp, you know the pain of finding sites for games of our size (or bigger). That aside, we also have dreams of building an entire, fully immersive, medieval village for our players to game on. Since the show aired we’ve had a number of secondary investors contact us, we’ve had offers to start Underword LARP chapters in the US and Japan and we’ve just had an incredible amount of positive response from new players, friends, family. It really got our name out there.  We’ve been organizing new player socials for weeks.

A lot of people ask us if we’re happy with how the episode went.  Honestly, we never really expected to get a Dragon investor.  Of course we wanted one, but we knew that LARP in Canada is just starting to break into mainstream.  We knew we would be hard pressed to convince billionaires to throw their money at us, when we only had 7 minutes to explain what larping is and how it has become profitable.  We were aiming for the free publicity, exposure for LARPing in general, and hoping our pitch was taken seriously.  We got the best possible no.  If a 10 out of 10 was a Dragon investment, we scored a 9.   We have absolutely no complaints.

We knew we would be hard pressed to convince billionaires to throw their money at us, when we only had 7 minutes to explain what larping is and how it has become profitable.

Since the episode aired we knew we would be getting a lot of attention from the non-gamer community and the public eye.  We still want to fulfil our dream of having an owned and dedicated site to play on, so we started listening to secondary investors, as well as rolling out our own crowd funding project.  We established a GoFundMe page in an effort to help raise capitol, so we can accomplish our dreams without Dragon support.   We’re happy to say we’re 1/3 of our way there and we’re grateful to any and all that can donate or have already donated.  I’ve been asked in the past why the larping community, as a whole, should support us in our goals.  Rewards for donating aside, I don’t have a solid reason outside of just supporting the community.  Six years ago Edward and I decided to take a percentage of our profits from every game and create a Player in Need fund (PiN).  If a player falls on hard times, loses their job, or can’t afford food, we give them money.  This comes out of our pocket for the most part, although other players can donate,  and since we’ve established it we’ve helped dozens and dozens of people.  We’ve sadly had a couple players pass away unexpectedly over the last couple years and we scraped together just over $2000 for the families they left behind.  Underworld LARP regularly donates to charity and we’ve planning on hosting a blood drive in the spring.  We don’t just take care of our own, we help other games the best we can. Last year a tornado ripped through the site of one of our competitors, ending their season early.  We donated what we could to see them rebuild and get back into the game.  There is no moral obligation to do this, other than to be kind and supportive.  We want to support LARP, we want to see people happy in their hobby, and we want our community to grow.  We don’t give selflessly so that it’ll come around.  It’s great if it does, but that’s not the point.  We will always pay it forward.  That is what a strong community does. We don’t give selflessly so that it’ll come around.  It’s great if it does, but that’s not the point.  We will always pay it forward.  That is what a strong community does.  We are larpers.  We have been the underdogs in the gaming/nerd community for as long as I can remember.  That’s changed a bit as LARP becomes a little more mainstream but we can’t forget our roots.  We have always had each others backs and we want to keep it that way.  Underworld is dedicated to helping the community with their dreams, if you can help us too, great!

If all goes well we’re hoping that within 5 years we’ll not only have a dedicated site but also a fully functional, medieval village.  I have visions of cabins, showers, a fully stocked Tavern and Inn.  We have plans and designs for archer towers, corn fields turned mazes, a beautifully constructed and organized NPC and props cabin.  Aside from our dreams of land, we’re also expanding our chapter base.  We currently have games running in Toronto, Edmonton and London, but we’re in talks with Ottawa, Texas and even Japan.  We want to focus on finding clever hard working individuals that are interested in starting up Underworld Chapters throughout Canada and the US.  We brag no licence or start up fees and have a ton of amazing support from a wicked community of hardcore Underworld gamers.  We’re dedicated and willing to put in the work to see these dreams come true.

Thanks to David and the crew at Underworld Larp for their gracious participation in this interview.

If you want to support them or contact them info is below:

Support their GoFundMe

For all the information about their events, locations and game click here.

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Jan 30, 2015

AFK – The Webseries launched their kickstarter recently and we were able to get an interview with the director, writer, costume designer and editor of the series, Peter Haynes! Here is what he had to say:

AFK Cast

Q:    Tell us about AFK – The Webseries and what the story is about! Who are the main characters and what are their roles?

 ‘AFK’ is a look at what would happen to a group of modern gamers if they were suddenly forced to really inhabit the world they spend so long in virtually – a world away from modern conveniences and technology, where they have to live off the land. A world with no rules, no game masters, and no multiple lives….only the survival of the fittest, fastest, strongest and most cunning. Basically, AFK is ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Battle Royale’.

 Being in the bodies of their MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) characters, some of the cast are also genderswapped, and have to deal with all the issues that go with that.

 The main characters are Maybel the girl gamer in the body of a male Gnome, and Steven the warrior, a guy who finds himself in the body of a scantily clad and impractically armored female warrior. There is also Brendon the wizard, a 15 year old suddenly trapped in an adult form, and V’rugga the orc, actually an 8 year old who just wanted to play the biggest, meanest looking character. Lastly there is also Jack the rogue, a somewhat arrogant power gamer, and finally their leader, Q.

 Q seems very comfortable in her new form, and one of the series’ most compelling mysteries will be discovering her background, and whether or not she is even female.


Q:    How did you come up with the concept for this webseries and each of the character concepts?

I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft, and many of these characters are archetypes of other gamers who inhabited that world. Jack is the classic hardcore power gamer, always striving to have the best gear and the highest damage. Maybel is a female gamer who plays a male character because she gets tired of guys hitting on her. Steven is a very casual player, who doesn’t actually know the game very well. I wondered how these very different personalities would or could work together if they were thrown into this new and very high-stakes environment.

Q: What lead you to select each of the people that are playing the character roles? Production Still - Kick to the Gut

I pretty much got my dream cast for these roles. Mia Pistorious is totally believable as Q the leader, and is a highly physical actress. She basically learned how to swordfight in a totally convincing manner in just over two weeks. Calum Gittins, playing Jack, was a hardcore gamer, and so totally gets the mindset. Dallas Barnett, who plays V’rugga has often been typecast as a tough guy/bad guy, so I thought it would be fun to put him in the mind of an 8 year old boy, which he enjoyed immensely. All of the actors bring something unique to each of their roles, and they clicked together really well in the short time we had to shoot the trailer.

AFK - On Set

 Q:    Have you larped before? If so, what do you like about it? 

I have, and I have to say one of my favorite aspects of larping is the costuming.  The amount of work and detail and dedication that some people put into a costume that may only be used for a weekend always amazes me.

Q: For the main female character in particular – have you ever larped before? If so, what do you like about it?

Mia Pistorious (Actress who plays Q): I’ve never larped before or known much about it but became fascinated by the idea while working on the AFK project with people who Larp. As an actress I think of larping as another form of acting and think it would be a great experience to be fully immersed in such a process.

Q:    Peter, why did you choose to make the main character a larper?

AFK - BattleBecause it struck me that a larper, also being a reenactor, would have a unique set of skills to survive in this new world. She knows how to fight with a sword, she’s also done SCA combat, she knows archery, she’s camped in medieval camps and lived a bit rough. In the real world, the ‘cool kids’, like Jack the powergamer, might look down their noses at her choice of hobbies, but here, they’re pretty much dependent on her for survival. I think it’s a nice turnaround.

It’s also a kind of thanks to the local NZ larping community, who have helped this project become a reality in a big way not only by lending time, costumes and resources, but also training. Mia was trained in sword fighting by Vanya Essin, a local larper and display fighter, and it all shows on screen. I fully intend to keep the larping community involved should this project go ahead.


Q:    What is your goal with the series? Are you trying to get any point across or is it just for fun?

We want it to be fun, and enjoyable to watch, but I also wanted to explore how far we’ve become removed from the AFK - Lookin Coolreality of the experiences that we like to immerse ourselves in a computer game like World of Warcraft. In reality, living off the land is hard. Hunting is hard. Sleeping rough is hard. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is hard. These guys will have to really pull it together and rediscover some pretty ancient skills just to survive the first week.

Q:    Where did the filming for the trailer take place?

The trailer was filmed entirely in Auckland, New Zealand, and 90% on Mt. Wellington, which is in the middle of one of our busiest suburbs. A small volcanic cone, the mountain has a surprising amount of beautiful scenery in a very small area, and is remarkably quiet. Of course, if we do go ahead, then we’ll range further afield, and we even hope to get some support from tourism NZ to shoot in some of the national parks for a truly epic look


AFK - Moutain Scene

Q:    What are ways someone can help get the project off the ground?

The ways people can help this project are many and varied. They can share our trailer on Youtube or our Kickstarter Campaign.

They can like’our Facebook Page, and invite others to like it as well.

And finally, they can just spread the word. If they have a gaming blog, then give us a plug. If they frequent a MMORPG forum, start a thread about us. Post a link about us on Reddit. We never know which one is going to be the magic link that will make us go viral, so every little bit counts.

Thank you so much for the interview, Peter, and good luck with the project!

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Apr 15, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be quick to elect a mass-murderer bent on ending humanity into a political position of any kind, much less over an entire state. Yet some how, he won the votes of thousands despite his past actions and representations. I’m talking about former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger of course. How could anyone trust someone who willingly acted out the role of someone involved in the ruthless murder of several people? Did the public not know of his scandalous involvement in taking on the role of “The Terminator?”

Image Source

Arnold the man vs Arnold the Terminator –   Image Source

Of course they did, and it didn’t matter, because Arnold is an actor, and everyone knows that. Taken out of context, Schwarzenegger’s acting career could possibly raise more than a few eyebrows, but acting for the silver screen is a well known profession and everyone knows an actor is just that, an actor. Their characters in no way represent who they are as person outside of the role, despite them taking on the persona for what ever film or theatre character they are portraying.

Jake Rush and his Wife

Jake Rush and his Wife

Larping.org has been following the political hype being raised by Florida Congressman Ted Yoho in trying to derail Congressional Candidate Jake Rush’s position by posting quotes and pictures regarding his involvement in role playing as part of the Mind’s Eye Society. Mind’s Eye Society is a role playing group that acts out scenarios involving vampire and punk culture. Comparing Rush to his Mind’s Eye characters in a political context is really no different than trying to compare Schwarzenegger to the Terminator. Rush was acting, Arnold was acting. It’s as simple as that.

LARPing, by definition, is Live Action Role Playing. One of the beauties of the hobby is the ability to take on the role and persona of someone totally different than yourself. It’s a safe place to explore different fields of emotion and reactions than one would usually be able to experience outside of a role-played scenario. But at the end of the day, it’s just a persona, and once the game is over the characters played remain just that, characters inside a game.

Rush was raised in a family that appreciated and celebrated theater and acting. In a recent press release, he said his father, Robert Rush, produced an off-broadway play about the impact of Elvis called “Elvis People.”

Rush stated “My undergraduate degree is in the classics, and I have been raised with a deep appreciation for theatre, costumes and art.”

“The very definition of acting is expressing ideas and thoughts that are not your own,  just like I don’t believe I am MacBeth, which I have played, I am none of the characters,” he continued.

And we couldn’t agree more! We were recently asked by the BBC for a statement regarding LARPers’ opinions on the whole run through the media about Rush’s involvement with LARPing and our own Tom Miller responded by explaining that within the context of a game, actions and conversations can be made that when heard or seen by the general public may seem quite unsettling. This out of context depiction of LARP is one of the leading causes of misconceptions and confusion within general public on the subject of LARP.

Image Source

One of the images being used to portray Rush – Image Source

Most comments we’ve read regarding the whole fiasco are actually in Rush’s favor, making the attempts at derailing his reputation by bringing up his hobbies almost laughable. Who would have thought a political candidate was a real person, self-proclaimed gamer, LARPer, and actor with hobbies? I actually like his black Scleral full eye contacts myself and kind of want a pair….but that’s beside the point.

In the end, hobbies are hobbies, and politics are politics and we think it best if they were kept that way! Except when it comes to a LARP game involving role playing politicians, of course. And as far as congressional hobbies go, I’d take LARPing over golf any day. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see a congressional candidate in a Flash suit? Game on, Jake Rush, game on.

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Apr 03, 2014

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