May 2018

Census 2013


Ever been curious about just how many larpers there are in this world? As a game designer, do you wish you could find statistics to help you create a game to fit the community?

Larping.org is undertaking our first annual Larp Census. The overarching goal of this site has always been to provide the community with information on larping worldwide. Our hope is to portray the pervasiveness of the hobby and art of the larp culture to a wider (more mainstream) audience. By administering and taking this census ourselves, we get the opportunity to represent the data from inside the movement instead of being stereotyped (for good or ill) outside of it.

Our goal is to survey 10,000 larpers AT MINIMUM so that our gathered information has a better chance of representing the community as a whole. Please take a little time to fill out our survey and represent yourself and your larp. When you’re finished, do us a massive favor and share this survey on your favorite social media sites. We really want to get the word out!


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