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As Creative Director of LARPing.org, Tom's time is spent doing everything from research, design, development, writing and editing. This Detroit native attends LARPs all over the US, and enjoys everything from Post-Apoc to Modern Culture LARP settings. He currently sits as Lead Plot and Story designer for The Voyage North.

We’ve covered the Snaga: Jeden Kmen (One Tribe) before, but their recent photos of combat show the pure passion and savagery they bring to the LARP experiences they both host, and attend.

The “One Tribe” project is an attempt to explore the world of the Orc in a new way. In the last post we did about this project we looked at the camp life, and setting created by this talented team of friends. In this installment, we look at the detail of their costumes, and the players who engage with them at events.

The “One Tribe Project” is mainly made up of a group of friends who regularly get together, go into the woods, and take on the role played by so few… but to an extent often not thought of. Their attention to detail is astounding, going beyond simply dressing and camping like Orcs, but also taking on the role music, ritual, and tribal relations would have.

This group is absolutely fascinating, and the perfect example of what a group of friend can do when they attack an idea head on. Whether it’s for one of their own events, or attending as guests, Snaga: Jeden Kmen is always impressive.

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Streaming Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Oct 23, 2015

It’s not everyday you find a LARP that throws a new perspective on a story construct we feel comfortable with. Many games leave the majority of the story to the “Good Guys” and leave the “Bad Guys” with the cliff notes motivation of “You’re bad guys… and you like doing bad guy stuff”. This is no where as prevalent as Medieval Fantasy LARPs, and often times the only case when looking at Lord of the Rings inspired LARPs. But, not all hope is lost… “Snaga: Jeden Kmen” (Snaga: One tribe) in The Czech Republic is here!

In their own words, “Snaga: One tribe is a multi-genre story in which the world of creatures known to the humans as orcs come to life“. That’s right, in this game the Orcs are the PCs, and the NPCs are the “Free Peoples of Middle Earth”. This mirror of the standard Fantasy LARP adventure opens up an entire new world to explore. Though much was written about Orcs by Tolkien and others, rarely do we find a well developed concept of their daily lives, rituals, habits and dreams. The idea that they would have these is almost in direct conflict with Tolkien’s quote, “They were wholly and entirely evil, bend to the will of their dark master”, and we do catch glimpses of Tolkien’s deeper and thoughts on Orcs through their interactions with each other. This open ended side of the story lends itself to the creative minds behind this hauntingly gruesome event!

“Snaga: One Tribe” gives players the opportunity to explore this untold story in a way previously unseen. For this reason, we’re dedicated a 4 part series to this exciting LARP event, where we explore the many faceted world of The Orc!

“The crucial idea of One Tribe is to act like a real tribe”, says Ctibor Ostrý, one of the players and organizers of the the “One Tribe Project”.

He goes on to say, “So some parts from the collection of pics are not from scenic or LARP performances as usual, but from kind of an everyday life, how a member of the tribe experiences it. Tribal members are mostly a band of friends, who knows each other for many years and from time to time, they put on their masks and go together on a trip, build in camp in a country a spend a weekend together (like you can see on The camp or The Road cycle for example). From time to time we participate on larger LARPs or make some scenic “performances”. I find important to know, that the One Tribe overlaps to other LARP little bit.”

Part I of the series looks at the camp life, and world the Orcs live in when not campaigning or raiding. From cooking, to lodging, this gallery gives you the impression that the world is much deeper than “Stab, Slash and Burn!” for these creatures of the Dark Army of Sauron.




What is One Tribe project?
One Tribe project connects photography, digital art and music, but it isn’t just that. One Tribe is result of long-term variously oriented art-work of wider group of people. It’s based on eye-catching handmade costumes, props and equipment combined with interesting locations of natural beauty, that underline unique atmosphere of scenes. One Tribe project is driven by desire to tell the story, because storytelling and annual festivities are what native tribes do to keep their culture alive. Our story isn’t stated outright, but is merely outlined to leave space for your own imagination and to picture yourself as part of it. Almost every part of the story is based on authentic experience either from LARPs (Live Action RolePlay) or life itself and all we had to do was to twist some details to more urukish nature. Characters depicted by our story are partly inspired by J. R. R. Tolkiens books, but mostly by our “normal” lives and they reflect strong relationship with nature, wandering, stories and creating tangible and intangible things. Major part of the project is photography, sections of the gallery are named after important events in the life of the tribe: The Camp – Maudhul, The Journey – Ogh, The Figth – Maukum, The Ritual – Kaushatar and The Burrial – Vorroz. Second part of the project is electronic ambient music which will guide you through the story, underline the photos and is planned to be released on CD later on, so you can not only see us, but hear us as well. At the final point of this project, and we are looking forward to see it as you are, official web page www.snaga.cz will be released alongside with exhibition of photos, music and some artefacts of the tribe.

Oct 13, 2015

“After weeks of lobbying, bribes, child sacrifice and extortion, we’ve done it! Success tastes so good!”
– Claus Raasted

As if we didn’t already hate all the Europeans for their exceptionally good LARPs, awesome government views on LARPing, and awesome settings, the folks at Liveform have forced us to truly loath them on another level.

Through the power of witchcraft, blood sacrifices, and extortion they have amazingly been funded $500k from an anonymous source at the EU. A Polish official was quoted as he left his office, “Tell Claus that if those photos show up on the internet I am going to destroy him”. The source could not be verified.

In the coming week’s it’s unclear how the team plans to use the more than $500k of stretch funding, but some speculate they plan to take the immersive level to all time highs by purchasing the only remaining copy of the “Necronomicon”. This unholy tome would give the chance to bring the costuming level up a notch by summoning real demons from the 7th realm of hell to NPC for their evening modules. It’s unclear if they will charge the demons since they won’t be playing active players throughout the week.

We’ll be sure to update you as things progress!

For all your news on the First of April, be sure to check out LARPing.org!


Fund College of Wizardry!

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Apr 01, 2015

Have you ever wished you could craft LARP weapons from foam like the master foam-smiths at Nemesis Workshops? Well, here’s your chance, but you better move fast! Only 3 of the 8 spaces are open this year, so be sure to jump on it!

The workshops nemesis will open again the doors of their workshop for a training exclusive on the manufacture Weapons of latex!!!

There will be a new block available for training; the 6th and 7th of June 2015. The training will include two blocks of 10 hrs working. It will be to produce a weapon simple from a to z calling for different techniques that can be reproduced as much to The house that with equipment, a little more industrial.

Each participant will leave with his weapon project completed, as well as a file reference or will be indicated the suppliers accessible For some materials and equipment and a reminder of manufacturing steps, and materials needed. Each participant will then have access to a 35 % discount on an order of equipment in addition to their custom weapon.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Places are limited, already 8 people of the college lionel – groulx are listed. Only 3 spots available to complete the course, so act quickly! The deadline for registration is 15 April 2015. For more details email; contact@ateliers-nemesis.com



Not familiar with Nemesis Workshop’s work?
Check out our gallery below for all the juicy photos!



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Mar 24, 2015

Watch as we follow Loki, Captain of Wargar as we march to the Battle of Badon Hill. For 9 years now Badon Hill has been one of Dagorhir’s premiere fighting events and every year keeps getting better and better.

Made for Phil Garrett’s Video 3 class at the Columbus College of Art & Design
Featuring music by Ramin Djawadi and The Doors


Autumn’s cool winds bear forth the cruel men of the north in their long ships, inaugurating dark centuries of wolves and wind, winter and despair. Bright banners are raised on high, to flutter bravely before the onslaught of the north’s dark fury. Knights and warriors, champions of renown rally under the banners of chieftains and kings, to unsheath glittering and remorseless steel. One last chance to wrest everlasting glory and fame in defense of hearth and home, or go down forever in appalling defeat against barbarism’s insurmountable, surging tides of war.


The Battle of Badon (Latin: bellum Badonis, Latin: Obsessio Montis Badonici), also known as the Battle of Badon Hill or Mount Badon (Latin: bellum in monte Badonis; Modern Welsh: Mynydd Baddon), is a battle thought to have occurred between a force of Britons and an Anglo-Saxon war band in the late 5th or early 6th century. Chiefly known today for the supposed involvement of King Arthur, it is credited in medieval British and Welsh sources as a major political and military event but seems to have passed unremarked in the Anglo-Saxon histories. Because of the limited number of sources, there is no certainty about the date, location, or details of the fighting.

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Oct 01, 2014
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