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Martin, alias LazyLarper, is a LARPer from Denmark. He is the most un-lazy larper we've ever met and is the host/producer of the webshow LarpForge. He started LARPing at the age of 12, loves to make his own weapons, costumes, etc. which comes through in his show!

In this episode of LarpForge the LazyLarper is talking about how to make a character and what to think about when creating a character. What is the essence of character creation? What makes up the character?  And who is he/she?

No matter what system or game you are playing in, you always need a character/role.

Things to take into consideration when making your character:

What he/she is:

  • What do I want to play? (personal motivation, no limits)
  • What can I play? (limits of the setting/rules etc.)
  • What can I pull off? (costume, acting, personal limits etc.)

Now that we have the “frame”/skeleton/cardboard cutout of the character, it is time to put some meat on the bones.

Who he/she is:

  • Behaviors (polite/rude, accent, gets-car-sick, etc.)
  • Habits (rolls his eye, swears, subconscious movement, etc.)
  • Background story (reasons for behaviors, how they grew up, reasons for profession, etc.)

I think what makes the core of the character is defining: who the character is. It’s what takes the character and gives them an identity, making a character into a person.

When this “person” then interacts with other characters, they create an immersive environment. This is what creates role-playing, which is what we want, is it not?

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Examples on a character


Name: Tobias Kettle

Race: Human

Proffesion: Rouge

BG: Grew up in a Inn with family. He have a lot of older brothers and one older sister.

Habits: Heavy drinker ; swears a lot ; brag a lot

Behaviors: Accent from the country/small town, where he grew up ; Bow down people of higher status,  but talk about them behind their back ; Is a coward, but will fight like a fierce tiger when cornered ; more bark than brawl

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– LazyLarper

Pleas share some examples of your characters, and how you came up with them in the comments.

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Jan 20, 2014

Welcome to the first video form LarpForge of 2014! We’re thrilled to bring you the infamous “Where to buy Liquid Latex” list, which you LARPers helped build.

(Keep in mind that we are still trying to expand it, so don’t hold back on sending us a mail on where you buy your latex for making weapons and makeup and such.)

Find the Latex List here:

Hope you had a splendid holiday and are looking forward to the new year, we certainly are!

– LazyLarper

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Jan 16, 2014
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