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1185303_612608312133470_2019937241_nSo you’ve made the decision that you want to try larping. Maybe you saw people practicing at a nearby field, saw a movie or tv show that brought it to your attention, or you have friends that larp. In any case, choosing the right larp for you, and a unit to join within that larp, can be difficult.

To begin with, you need to decide what kind of larp you want to participate in. There are some easy questions you should ask yourself before you jump into the first game you find:

  • Time: How much time do you have to devote to larping? Some games are only 4-6 times a year, while others meet once a month or every other weekend. Try to find a game that fits best with your schedule.

  • Period Accuracy: Do you want to play a Barbarian Troll, or would you rather a period Knight? Figure out what degree of immersion you are comfortable with and able to afford. Some games require a lot of time and effort even for a beginner’s kit, while others are much more lax about how period something is.

  • Combat: How hard do you want to get hit? Know what kind of combat you are okay with. Games like Dagorhiir or Belegarth tend to work on a ‘sufficent force’ rule. Other games, however, may be a lighter touch or lightest touch combat system such as some Ampgard chapters, Nero, and Avalon.

  • Expense: How much money do you have to devote? Larping is as expensive a hobby as you make it. At the very least you need to be able to afford to build up and then maintain a working kit, along with travel costs and membership dues.

After you’ve answered these questions, your next move should be to visit your intended larp. Make contact with other players through online message boards or social media, and make sure you know the basics before ever getting onto the field. If you have no experience with making larp weapons, try inquiring about loaners from veteran players. If you’re feeling creative, check out a few of our tutorials (find out how to make a simple boffer sword here). If you’re already committed to joining a larp, think about buying a latex weapon.

Try out the game. I mean this in every way possible. Introduce yourself and talk to other players; talk to everyone to get a feel for the game. Spend time out on the field learning the rules and getting into whatever scenario or plot is being offered. Try out different weapon combinations and start learning the rules of the game.

Photo Aug 17, 3 52 36 PMLarp should be fun. If you feel pressured, uncomfortable, or ill at ease, consider that perhaps this is not the game for you.

If you premiere at a larp that you really enjoy, you may soon start asking yourself which unit or group you should join. Much like choosing a game in and of itself, choosing a unit within the structure of that game is also wildly important.

The people in this group will become your comrades in arms, your brother or sisters, the people who you trust to guard your back while infiltrating enemy camps. If you get really entrenched in the game you play, you will end up at country meetings and be wildly interested in who holds which positions. You are, in essence, choosing a group of friends.

So, with that in mind, keep a few pointers in mind:

  • Do you like these guys? Are the members of this unit people you want to hang out with? Are they people you get along with, and are cool with standing on a shield line with? While this might seem sort of silly, it definitely matters.

  • Does their mythology matter to you? If you’re joining a country of Orcs, or a unit that obsessively hunts down giants, you should probably make sure that your backstory fits in well. Likewise, making sure that the type of character you want to rp as will mesh well with this country.

  • Does their fighting style work with yours? Again this might seem a bit strange, but making sure that your unit fights in a certain way can definitely matter. If it’s a unit that uses primarily flanking players, than being a tank in plate may not work well.

Keep in mind these are all subjective; they’re things I’ve found over the years.  Use your best judgement when choosing which larp or unit you want to join. The things you join a larp for may not necessarily be the same things that you stay for.

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Sep 09, 2013

Photo Aug 17, 3 53 25 PMAugust 15-17 at Patuxent Park in southern Maryland, hundreds of foam fighters collected for 4 days of fighting, roleplaying, drinking, and fun. The 4-day-long event, Bellum Aeternus, the second of its kind and run by the Maryland-based game Darkon, drew a healthy 350 fighters over its course.

Thursday evening kicked off with local comedian Violet Grey performing a special set for the larp crowd. This soon devolved into an in-character party held at the barn by the unit Kindred. There was drinking for those of age, and gambling in the upstairs of the barn to get everyone ready for the next few days. Meanwhile, another of Darkon’s countries, Nurgle, began their adventure with Gods and their disciples wandering with them through the party happily.

Friday started the adventure and event in earnest. At 1pm, things finally opened to all of the players. Hera, Dionysus, and their disciples attempted to collect followers for a battle royale at the end of the day. Included in the adventure was a full fighting module, bell traps, a scavenger hunt, and plenty of NPCs to wreak havoc on anyone and everyone.

Photo Aug 17, 3 49 24 PMFriday night Tommy Sinbazo headlined the ‘Drink till We’re Funny’ Tour in the barn. This was followed by Darkon’s entertainment guild, Myrmidon Entertainment offering up a Casino in the downstairs of the barn. You could find the games you already know like Poker or Blackjack, as well as Darkon specific games like ‘Keystone’ or ‘Poison Roulette’. All were available to play in-character with Darkon’s minted currency.

Saturday’s events were far more geared towards the massive field fighting. Sir Halcon set up a number of bridge battles, which participants fought back and forth across for several hours. Kick the Can, Capture the Flag and several other battle scenarios were bandied about over the course of the day before the fighting wound down for the evening. For those who had preregistered, a full feast was presented. The barn was taken over by Satyrs serving wine after participants had gotten their food and found a seat.

Between all of the fighting, over 30 vendors were available and selling their wares. Everything from Annapolis’s local Zu Coffee with food and drink to Killer Threads with their period garb. There were mead sets, jewelry galore, leather pouches and armor, period hair braiding, and vendors such as Badass Garb, Deidre’s Designs, St. Bastard Designs, and so many more.

It was definitely a step up from last year’s day event, and the addition of a Darkon adventure definitely added flair for both returning players, and those new to Darkon’s unique culture.

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Sep 03, 2013

When dealing with hard hitting, full contact larp, you start to question if perhaps the game we all play shouldn’t also be described as a sport. Many of the injuries that become somewhat commonplace on the field are, in fact, sports injuries.

290337_363770900367339_2014301208_oIf you’re planning a hard hitting game, you should be used to getting hit, right? Some games have a ‘sufficent force’ rule like Darkon’s system, which essentially says that you must put sufficent force behind each shot you throw or the player recieving it may choose not to honor that strike. While all games do their best to make sure that all of the weapons that make it onto the field are safe, there is an inherent danger in this game. Weapons can blow out mid swing, too much armor in questionable conditions can cause injuries, accidents which just happen. So first, if you’re looking at a full contact game like Darkon, Dagorhiir, or SCA, what kind of injuries will you see?

I’ve been playing for 7 years. During that time I’ve sprained my thumb, either wrist, and both ankles multiple times. I’ve seen broken fingers or toes, broken limbs, torn acls/pcls, and once a separated thigh muscle. Playing a full contact game can be amazing for the hard hitting combat you run into, but it also means that safety plays a larger role.

I tend to bring ace wraps, ice, and wrist braces when I go out to larp because I’m aware of how easily my wrists in particular can strain. Plenty of other players wear everything from wrist and ankle braces to knee braces to mouth guards to help protect against agitating old injuries or incurring new ones.

There is a degree of danger inherent to a full contact game. It happens when you have 100+ participants ranged from 16 years old to their 50s, all swinging foam padded sticks to ‘kill their enemies’. However, keeping a cool head and knowing how to deal with the various types of injuries can do you a ton of good.

sprained-ankleSerious injuries do not happen at every event, or even on a regular basis, but they do happen. Learn basic first aid, like how to tell if something is sprained, or what the symptoms of a concussion are. I’ve used both of these skills in particular more than once, and been glad I knew what to look for each time it came up.

Don’t lose your cool if something happens. Whether you are the guy who gets the nose-breaking face shot or the guy who throws the shot, you need to remain as calm as possible. Get yourself, or the injured party, off the field and away from combat if it’s not serious. If it is serious, do not move them until someone with actual medical training gives you the go-ahead. This is especially true of broken bones, suspected internal damage, or serious concussions.


A few final pointers:

  • Full contact LARP can be dangerous, so make sure you are aware of how to handle smaller issues like bumps, bruises, and sprains.

  • Keep a handy kit of first aid supplies (band aids, alcohol swabs, etc) in case you need them.

  • Invest in the equipment needed to keep you safe, like wrist, ankle, or knee braces and mouth guards.

  • Everybody gets hurt at some point; just remember to keep a cool head when dealing with the injury and the parties involved.

  • First Aid knowledge is your best friend. Knowing if something is sprained, dislocated, or broken can make sure that appropriate care is rendered when necessary.

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Aug 27, 2013

If you are lucky enough to larp in an area with multiple games, if you’ve been playing in your home Larp for a few years, or if you’ve attended massive events like Ragnarok or Pennsic, you might be considering trying your hand at cross-gaming. There are many pros and cons you may encounter when cross-gaming, […]

Jul 22, 2013

Bellum Aeternus is proud to announce its second event! bellum-aeternus

From August 15th to 18th, 2013, hundreds of foam fighters will gather at Patuxent State Park for a 4-day-long cross-game event held by Darkon. It’s going to be four days filled with the best that Darkon has to offer; from bridge battles to a full 24-hour adventure running Thursday into Friday, as well as dozens of vendors and in-character roleplaying opportunities, this event has been specifically organized to welcome larpers from different games and areas to participate in a huge cross-game event. There will be orientation for players new to larp in general, as well as those who have never been to Darkon before.

Bellum Aeternus I premiered back in November as a single day of fighting, with vendors and an in-character Casino running alongside it. 400 people came out, some driving for hours to fight in the brisk weather, but this time everything is bigger; instead of a single day of fighting, participants can arrive starting at noon on Thursday, August 15th, and stay until August 18th, when it’ll be time to return to the real world.

This event has several great features:

  • Dozens of vendors will be in attendance, selling everything from garb to goblets. I’d try to compile a list, but there are more vendors being announced daily!
  • Thursday and Friday are all about the adventure, but there will be a variety of battles on Saturday. So far a fantastic 3 bridge scenario has been unveiled on the Bellum Aeternus Facebook page.
  • The Casino will be running again this year with twice the space to operate. It boasts performances by stand-up comedians and other performers on Friday and Saturday night.
  • A feast (only available to those who pre-register and costing an extra $10) will be held Saturday night at 7:30pm before opening into a free event-wide revel for everyone to enjoy. It’s a feast in Dionysus’s honor, so, as you might guess, it’ll be 18+ with ID checked at the gates. The pre-register cutoff isn’t until August 3rd, so you still have time!

The event is only $10 if you pre-register ($15 at the gate), and located in southern Maryland. If you missed out on Ragnarok or Pennsic, it’s a great opportunity to spend a few days swinging sticks next to hundreds of other fighters. We hope to see you there!

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Jul 15, 2013
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