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Brooke is LARPing.org's Content Manager. She first heard about LARPing from the movie Role Models and lives with this burden everyday. She aims to spread knowledge of LARP to save others from a similar fate.

 If you love LARP as much as we do, you spend a good amount of time perusing the internet for awesome LARP content. We are talking endless hours spent watching everything from how-tos for items you will never craft, to battlefield footage that may or may not have been shot with a potato. Every once in a while a web series pops up and you watch the episodes over and over in agony patiently wait for the next installment. Doesn’t matter-you can’t get enough. We at LARPing.org are all about connecting you with resources to enrich your LARPing experience, which is why we love sharing quality content to feed your addiction.

Especially if it’s about us.

momo post

When we learned one of our favorite Youtube personalities was making a web series about her character for our Voyage North trip this year, we got a little excited. Okay, a lot excited. Our staff works hard to help US and international LARPers experience the largest North American LARP and it’s so encouraging to see this level of involvement…before she even arrives on site! (Players, take note of this initiative).

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.48.54 AM

The She, being none other than the amazingly talented Mo Mo O’ Brien.

When Mo Mo O’Brien and friends announced they would be joining us this summer, we knew we were along for a whirlwind ride, but this is some next level stuff.

Her new web series, “The Reba Rapscallions” will chronicle her character, Saga, as she and her friends journey out of Reba and to our camp at Bicolline. We can’t wait to meet them!

Oh and yes, we are already shipping.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.52.39 PM

dat smolder.


Jul 09, 2015

LARPing.org would like to devote a weekly blog to celebrate what LARP has done for you. If you have a story about how LARP has enriched your or a friend’s life, please email info@larping.org.

For many of us, LARPing is more than just a hobby. LARP is where we meet our friends, where we get our exercise, where we learn new skills, and lets face it, where we spend most of our discretionary income.

That is why couples who meet LARPing have such strong bonds. Not only do we share experiences your average couple could never dream of (have normal couples ever stared death in the face as they fight an evil necromancer, hell-bent on destroying everything they love?), you’ll also never find yourself explaining why you spent your paycheck on yet another sword (it’s just so pretty!),  or why Date Night is actually last-minute-crafting-for-the-weekend night. After all, if they can handle you as your mind-flaying, tentacle-swinging NPC, they deserve you at your best.


Us on a date with a non-LARPer.

But best of all, LARP is something you share away from the stress of work and real life problems. It’s both mentally and physically challenging and ensures you will put time aside each month to spend together, overcoming challenges, having new experiences. What better way to keep the passion than a healthy arch-rivalry between PCs, or maybe a dramatic sacrifice on the battlefield? LARP is the kind of thing you will do until before you know it, you’ve grown old together. Trust us, we know plenty of people whose parents met LARPing, some with kids of their own! (Time to start crafting your grandchild’s first Orc costume!)

We wanted to take a blog to celebrate all the happy LARP couples out there, specifically this adorable couple that got engaged this weekend at Seventh Kingdom, the LARP they met at in New Jersey.

We already loved Nana Walls for promoting LARP with her blog, so now we are even more excited to wish her and her new fiancé a long and happy life full of love and LARPing.

You can read their happily-ever-after story here.

Jul 22, 0215
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