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If you haven’t heard of Drachenfest (or The Dragon Festival) now you have. From their website,

“Thanks to the active role play The Drachenfest has become a living and independent fantasy world. At the Drachenfest the single player can put himself really fast into the game. Similarly, groups may live their background concept in great detail.

As an international gathering the Drachenfest has a specially tailored system of rules. This allows both experienced and novice LARPers to be easily introduced to the game.

In order to give life to this fantasy world of dragons for six days, an experienced team of more than 100 Game masters, experienced LARPers, professional event specialists and support staff looks after a good and smooth game experience.”

Basically, it’s a HUGE larp that brings players from all over Europe (and the world) for six days of larp heaven. Epic costumes, games and experiences that will change your life. Or at least your larp life, forever. Below are my thoughts on the video “live blog” style. Or maybe just the random crap that jumped into my head. It might just seem like crazy ramblings, so next time, I think I’ll make some audio commentary instead. Leave your thoughts in the comments. And if you went to Drachenfest email us! info@larping.org

Live Blog of this larp video

  • Marching in order, I approve.
  • Feather plumes….do not approve…
  • English! Yes, there’s hope I can attend Drachenfest! Damn their armor is sweet.
  • I love seeing all different kinds of people attend a larp. Sometimes it’s great to see people wearing costumes that match, but it’s also awesome to see all different groups come together.
  • OMG Marching wall of awesome. HUGE BATTLE COMMENCE!
  • larp battle

    Not the shot in the scene. But epic Drachenfest, nonetheless.

  • Come on guy with the axe, do something with it!!!
  • Loving the battle commands!
  • Pikemen are destroying fools! The guy with nun-chucks is doing nothing… and sucks. Pikeman > nun-chucks in a larp, every time.
  • Super tall guy on stilts in the background. He’s kind of a giant, but his upper body is too small.
  • Battle drums and flute rule. The end. Only time a flute is allowed. Ever.
  • Goblins or Orcs, either way sure to be awesome.
  • Nasty looking orcs, this can’t be good for those fighting them. I love that orcs always kickass in larp. Instead of just being fodder like in most fantasy.
  • HUGE CASTLE! YES. Battle about to go down. Love the eyes on the castle it’s so foreboding.
  • Lined up for battle. Finally, the smart guys with shields.
  • Ok more marching. This time I see dwarves and flags. I love dwarves.
  • Charge the castle! Battering ram?
  • Surgery! Yes, so realistic! He should be roleplaying the lack of pain killers though….
  • The british are in this larp? WTF?….
  • Ok, these guys look serious. Looks like roman soldiers.
  • Can’t get over how big these battles are. And there everywhere. How do you keep track of what’s going on? This larp is so big it’s blowing my mind! There are tents and dozens of players everywhere.
  • More orcs. Someone’s going to die…
  • Plot team with headsets!
  • The orc castle/base/fortress is badass. So are there costumes. Why wouldn’t you be an orc? Love the dead soldier hanging as a warning. The pikeman taking on the orcs are like the first water buffalo to cross a river with crocodiles in the water. They know they’re going to die, but they will give courage to the rest of the crew…
  • More feather plumes. Really guys? Must be a european fashion thing.
  • I want to think Orcs must die, but I’m rooting for them.
  • Uh, oh, the knights have gathered, it’s about to go down. The leader is speaking english, Drachenfest 2013 here I come!
  • Film crew in the shot…Production fail?
  • Quick battering ram shot. They must have gotten hot oil poured on them. Ok, j/k they’re back. How do you role play breaking down a wall? Does it have HP?
  • Trebuchet!
  • Battle cries! Wall’s coming down soon. Orcs put your big boy pants on! (Someone should have been filming inside of the castle!)
  • And we’re in. MAYHEM! YES! So intense! Orcs on the front line didn’t stand a chance!
  • Ok, we’re in the fortress and there’s a slaughtering. Orcs terribly outnumbered. Hold called?
  • Guy that has too much armor walks by. What was that about?


Ok, anticlimactic scene to end on. People milling about. Either way, I loved it. I think we need some American coverage for Drachenfest 2013. I volunteer! Until then, I wonder if we could do something similar here in America? Unite larps for a week of ultimate larp awesomeness?

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  1. Ivan Zalac August 29, 2012 12:03 AM

    I covered Drachenfest on my blog this year 🙂 As well as Mythodea, which was twice the size… I was copper camp, it’s guys with black and white tabards marching orderly. I was at the few battles here on video as well 🙂 My coverage is here: http://www.crolarper.com/2012/08/drachenfest-2012.html

  2. Charlene Ecko August 29, 2012 9:23 AM

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


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