February 2017


Unbelievable costumes can be seen throughout the video. This is one of the hallmarks of Conquest.

Epic scale battles with hundreds if not thousands of participants at any one time. Imagine marching into battle with that many foes on either side!

In depth, and intense roleplay. Throughout the video you will see people crying, celebrating and participating in many aspects of daily life.

Want to go to a larp, in North America, that's the same scale as Conquest?

Join The Voyage North to Bicolline!

Dec 16, 2016

We covered this larp a few months ago and it exploded in popularity! So much so that we have literally been asked by a lot of people if we’d be planning a trip to go this larp, in Russia, in a similar fashion that we take people to Bicolline on The Voyage North.

We’re considering it… For this August. If you’d like to go simply put your email in the form above and we’ll get you special pricing as an early bird!

Otherwise – drool over 30 minutes of gorgeous Warhammer brought to life goodness.

Dec 15, 2016

BrokenTale is a duo that creates cool music for all kinds of genres:

“BrokenTale has been created by 2 composers, Jad & Erawan de Villeneuve. We compose for video games, movies, documentaries, ads and also for the BrokenTale band. BrokenTale’s music is wide ranging, from world music to symphonic, cinematic and even heavy rock.”

You can read more about their music and check out their other work at brokentale.com.

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A little about the French Larp, Kandorya,  featured in the video:

Whether you are a beginner or experienced player you can participate in CHRONIC of KANDORYA. This role LARP game can sometimes seem complex by the wealth of the world or game rules expanded.Rest assured ! Once there, it is easily carried away by the stories, we understand pretty quickly the principles and codes of the game “Mass-Larp”. The Kandorya Chronicles are an excellent springboard to start in very varied activity games Grandeur Nature (GN)

There is no minimum age to participate Amount Required and that GN is “Child Friendly” children are welcome! Beware however, because they are the sole responsibility of their parents and no specific animation is dedicated to them.

What would be the soundtrack to a larp you’ve attended recently?

Oct 07, 2015

The aim was to present our hobby as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The transformation shows how we are changing the role from everyday life. – OgerTeam

This video highlights the aesthetic change that takes place when becoming a character. It’s a short, but great piece showing two people becoming their character aesthetically.

The team behind the short film is known as OgerTeam, you can follow them on Facebook here, whose mission is: “We are a group of young, committed and creative people who have come together in order to implement their LARP ideas together into action can. Our projects we are trying to constantly expand and link it to new areas and perspectives.”

Thanks to them for this great video and for helping to make the public’s perception of larp better all the time.

As always, show us what you’re making in the world of larp, and we’ll help you show it to the world. Pictures, videos, crafting, you name it we want to write an article about it: info@larping.org

What’s the most dramatic transformation you’ve seen someone take on for a character?

Tell us in the comments!

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The Knight's Package: Everything you need to literally be a knight in shining armor.

Oct 01, 2015

It’s not often that the media in the US portrays larp in a positive light, but it’s even rarer that they hit on what a positive impact a particular game is having on it’s player’s lives. In a day full of misogyny, transgender-phobia and exclusion for the sake of being a hipster the Darkon community in Baltimore, Maryland, USA stands out as a bastion of excellence in not only quality gaming, but quality community.

In one afternoon this news crew clearly came away with that simple message and for that we give the news crew and Darkon mad props for being  a beacon of light for all larpers. Well done Darkon crew.

Watch the video and sound off below:

Are you a member of Darkon? Rave about how awesome your game is.

Transcript from the Youtube page:

In a park on the outskirts of Baltimore, a group of spectators gathered to cheer on friends, parents and significant others. Fans kneeled along the sides of a grassy field, while a few people lounged in fold-out chairs perched under trees.

The scene was set for any soccer, lacrosse or baseball game. But instead of shortstops and center-fielders, they cheered for wizards and warlords.

Darkon fighters prepare for battle at Oregon Park.

It’s called Live-Action Role Playing, or LARPing, where players dress up as fantasy characters and fight one another with foam weapons.

Movies like “Role Models” and “Knights of Badassdom” have caused LARPing to gain more notoriety, but because of the mainstream portrayal of role-playing games, the title of “LARPer” usually comes with a stigma.

“I think in a satirical way they touch on what this is, but you’re not going to get accuracy out of a raunchy comedy,” Gerard McNeal, longtime LARPer, said of movies like “Role Models.”

McNeal, 43, is the former president of Darkon Wargaming, one of the largest LARPing clubs in the country.

In LARP, players battle one another using fake foam swords and other hand-made weapons. They are also encouraged to create a character, whose persona a LARPer adopts while they play. Characters have elaborate background stories that include alternate skills, family lives, religions and relationships.

Players are often accused of using the game as an unhealthy escape from their real lives, but most participants hold steady jobs and have social lives outside of the game, McNeal said.

“People view it as an escapist thing, that it’s not just a fun activity you can do like a videogame,” he said.

Twice a month, Darkon attracts a crowd of a hundred or more to park grounds throughout the Maryland area. It’s not only the most consistently attended LARP clubs, it’s also one of the most inclusive, according to Alynna Lunaris, aka “Foxglove.”

Lunaris, 45, finalized her transition to become a woman nearly 15 years ago, and since then has never found a more welcoming community, she said.

“I have not seen this type of acceptance in almost any other community, so I do think it’s quite unique,” she said.

Lunaris even got married surrounded by her Darkon friends. In May, Lunaris tied the knot with Christina, aka “Bunny,” her partner of nearly four years.

In Darkon, there are no stigmas, she said.

“It’s actually really nice to say and very unusual to say, that there is no transgender community [in Darkon]”,” Alynna Lunaris said. “There is no difference. In the group I’m one of the people, one of the girls.”

And although the character names and weapons are fake, LARPing had some real life lessons to pass on to its players, according to Ianje Castellanos and Sev Gedra, two Darkon fighters.

Castellanos, aka “Fyxe,” was a shy bookworm before she started LARPing at Darkon, she said.

Fyxe uses red contact lenses to give her character a unique twist.

“It just gave me something that I could excel at for the first time in my life,” she said. “I was one of those closeted nerd kids, always behind like a computer, reading a book kind of thing.”

But LARPing, and Darkon specifically, made her learn to make her voice heard, she said. Gedra, who goes by just “Sev” in the game, agreed.

“Some people have louder voices than others, so if you want your voice heard, making it heard is important,” Gedra said. That lesson has helped her not only with wargaming, but also in the business world, where she is a costume maker, special-effects makeup artist and welder, she said.

For Gedra and Castellanos, Darkon is a place where their imaginations and strong personalities can thrive. And dressing up in costumes gives LARPing the extra bit of “flair” they like.

“Why the fuck not?” Castellanos said. “It’s what I want to be.”

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Sep 30, 2015