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Welcome to the Live Action Art Podcast!

Each week we’ll be talking to the movers, shakers and great minds in the larp community around the world. Our goal is to encourage, inspire and find the patterns behind what these folks do to produce incredible games, props, weapons, armor, etc. etc.

Today, I interviewed the Creative Director of Larping.org, Thomas Miller! We decided it’d be good to interview Tom first to get our feet wet and fumble through our words before we subject someone else to our questioning.

Big public thank you to Tom from me, Jordan, for his hard work, dedication and love of not only larp, but me, and being a damn good friend for years now. Much of what you see at Larping.org is due to his hard work and dedication to this fine community.

You can stalk Tom online on his Instagram: instagram.com/jawsoffenrir/

For those that don’t know Tom has been on our team here at Larping.org for the past three years starting out as what you might call an intern (we talk about his entrance onto the scene in the podcast) and is now our Creative Director who helps make our websites beautiful and is instrumental in pulling off our yearly trip to Bicolline called The Voyage North.

Sit back, listen and enjoy.

Next week we’ll be interviewing Fabian Geuss from Conquest, the world’s largest larp event, in Germany.

Who would you like us to interview next?

Tell us in the comments below!



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The Voyage North – www.thevoyagenorth.com

Our yearly trip to Bicolline to experience the largest larp in North America in one of the most immersive environments in the world. The Voyage North provides everything you need so all you have to do is larp for a week. All camp comforts are provided: matching authentic medeival tents, cots, tavern, lighting, firewood, benches, seating, mead hall meeting tent, you name it and the camp comforts are provided. Plus, transportation to and from the airport, two gourmet meals a day, organized guild activities, translators for speakign French and a home in an amazing medieval fantasy world.
Boswell’s Best – http://www.boswellpipes.com/tobaccoblends.html

I love this tobacco, it’s delicious and well priced. If you’re a pipe smoker I highly recommend Northwoods. It’s become my go to smoke.
Rick Wynne | Grand Expedition – https://www.facebook.com/The-Grand-Expedition-to-Drachenfest-Mythodea-since-2011-121329411259220/timeline/

“The Grand Expedition is a collection of live action role players from all over the world who went as a group to the big German LARP festivals of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We will be going to the events again in the summer of 2016! The Expedition itself is the plot device used to help organize this project. By combining the resources, experiences and energy of so many people we hope to create a dynamic role playing “super-group”. We have members from several different LARP systems and even different countries. Rick Wynne, the Expedition organizer has been to both Drachenfest and Mythodea in 2010 on his own where he discovered the need for an organization like the Grand Expedition.”

Patrick Pennig | Epic Armoury Canada – http://www.epicarmourycanada.com/

We have a large debt of gratitude for Patrick’s help in our first year on The Voyage North to Bicolline. He was instrumental in helping us get situated on site, getting our tents the first year and all around helping us navigate everything for the trip the first year. Thank you Patrick!

Duche de Bicolline – http://www.bicolline.org/v2/
All things Bicolline can be found here. If you don’t speak French, open the website in Chrome and it should translate most of the text.

Demitri Zaitsev | Nuclear Snails Studios – https://www.facebook.com/nuclear.snail
Amazing artist all around and incredible costuming designer of

Ian Forand | Atliers Nemesis – https://www.ateliers-nemesis.com/?language=en
Creator of incredible larp weapons and props.

Fitz Carlson | Props – https://www.facebook.com/lancerb/photos
Plastidip and Costume Artist

Fabian Geuss | Conquest – http://www.live-adventure.de/ConQuest_english/start.php
Largest larp game in the world. Held every August in Germany and has over 8,000 participants.

pantai kuta bali

Dec 16, 2016

We covered this larp a few months ago and it exploded in popularity! So much so that we have literally been asked by a lot of people if we’d be planning a trip to go this larp, in Russia, in a similar fashion that we take people to Bicolline on The Voyage North.

We’re considering it… For this August. If you’d like to go simply put your email in the form above and we’ll get you special pricing as an early bird!

Otherwise – drool over 30 minutes of gorgeous Warhammer brought to life goodness.

Dec 15, 2016

BrokenTale is a duo that creates cool music for all kinds of genres:

“BrokenTale has been created by 2 composers, Jad & Erawan de Villeneuve. We compose for video games, movies, documentaries, ads and also for the BrokenTale band. BrokenTale’s music is wide ranging, from world music to symphonic, cinematic and even heavy rock.”watch Underworld: Blood Wars film now

You can read more about their music and check out their other work at brokentale.com.



A little about the French Larp, Kandorya,  featured in the video:

Whether you are a beginner or experienced player you can participate in CHRONIC of KANDORYA. This role LARP game can sometimes seem complex by the wealth of the world or game rules expanded.Rest assured ! Once there, it is easily carried away by the stories, we understand pretty quickly the principles and codes of the game “Mass-Larp”. The Kandorya Chronicles are an excellent springboard to start in very varied activity games Grandeur Nature (GN)

There is no minimum age to participate Amount Required and that GN is “Child Friendly” children are welcome! Beware however, because they are the sole responsibility of their parents and no specific animation is dedicated to them.

What would be the soundtrack to a larp you’ve attended recently?

Oct 07, 2015

The aim was to present our hobby as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The transformation shows how we are changing the role from everyday life. – OgerTeam

This video highlights the aesthetic change that takes place when becoming a character. It’s a short, but great piece showing two people becoming their character aesthetically.

The team behind the short film is known as OgerTeam, you can follow them on Facebook here, whose mission is: “We are a group of young, committed and creative people who have come together in order to implement their LARP ideas together into action can. Our projects we are trying to constantly expand and link it to new areas and perspectives.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Thanks to them for this great video and for helping to make the public’s perception of larp better all the time.

As always, show us what you’re making in the world of larp, and we’ll help you show it to the world. Pictures, videos, crafting, you name it we want to write an article about it: info@larping.org

What’s the most dramatic transformation you’ve seen someone take on for a character?

Tell us in the comments!



Oct 01, 2015
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