May 2018

In this episode of LarpForge the LazyLarper is talking about how to make a character and what to think about when creating a character. What is the essence of character creation? What makes up the character?  And who is he/she?

No matter what system or game you are playing in, you always need a character/role.

Things to take into consideration when making your character:

What he/she is:

  • What do I want to play? (personal motivation, no limits)
  • What can I play? (limits of the setting/rules etc.)
  • What can I pull off? (costume, acting, personal limits etc.)

Now that we have the “frame”/skeleton/cardboard cutout of the character, it is time to put some meat on the bones.

Who he/she is:

  • Behaviors (polite/rude, accent, gets-car-sick, etc.)
  • Habits (rolls his eye, swears, subconscious movement, etc.)
  • Background story (reasons for behaviors, how they grew up, reasons for profession, etc.)

I think what makes the core of the character is defining: who the character is. It’s what takes the character and gives them an identity, making a character into a person.

When this “person” then interacts with other characters, they create an immersive environment. This is what creates role-playing, which is what we want, is it not?

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Examples on a character


Name: Tobias Kettle

Race: Human

Proffesion: Rouge

BG: Grew up in a Inn with family. He have a lot of older brothers and one older sister.

Habits: Heavy drinker ; swears a lot ; brag a lot

Behaviors: Accent from the country/small town, where he grew up ; Bow down people of higher status,  but talk about them behind their back ; Is a coward, but will fight like a fierce tiger when cornered ; more bark than brawl

 Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

– LazyLarper

Pleas share some examples of your characters, and how you came up with them in the comments.

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Martin (LarpForge)

Martin, alias LazyLarper, is a LARPer from Denmark. He is the most un-lazy larper we've ever met and is the host/producer of the webshow LarpForge. He started LARPing at the age of 12, loves to make his own weapons, costumes, etc. which comes through in his show!

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