April 2018

Earlier this summer, Geek and Sundry, an online community headed by Felicia Day, announced a vlogging competition to add to their ranks. The topics cover a wide variety of geeky topics, but one in particular stands out: vlogger Kristin Brumley’s submission of a LARPing blog!

The team here at Larping.org is understandably excited about the prospect of a spectacular vlogger bringing more positive attention to LARPing, and are throwing our support behind Kristin to help get her a spot on Geek and Sundry.

Kristin had this to say about her vlog and the competition:

I have had the idea of doing a vlog hosted by my LARP characters for a while, and when Geek and Sundry announced they were doing a vlog competition to hire new vloggers for their channel, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Please vote every day! With your help I could be selected to create a vlog all about LARPing that will be shared with a geek network headed by Felicia Day. Needless to say, this is something I hope to use for the benefit for us all — spreading LARP love to those who don’t understand it. Help me in this venture by voting for me at the link below (you can vote EVERY DAY until June 27th). Share the link around to your friends, and leave comments on my YouTube video. They are not only looking for top votes, but also good feedback from the geek community on the YouTube video!

Thank you all in advance. It really will only take 3 seconds of your time, and it would mean huge things for me and most importantly for our community as a whole.



Kristin has been LARPing since June 2009, where she instantly fell in love with the hobby and has been playing ever since.  Her passion for the game has inspired her to create positive online media around LARPing, and is currently producing a webseries about the hobby called Basic Adventuring 101. As a player she particularly enjoys role play, costuming, and storytelling, and has run several events as the plot master at Northcoast Nero.  Although she began as a Nero player, she has since been trying out new LARPs around the Midwest and is looking forward to traveling to Conquest in Germany this July. She currently lives in Morgantown, WV and works as an online marketing specialist.

Let’s get to voting! Click the button below to get to the competition page and show your support. From all of us here at Larping.org, good luck, Kristin!

Click Here to Vote!

Show your support for Kristin! Click the green 'vote' button on her Geek and Sundry page to cast your vote.

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Kiri Brasseur

Kiri is the Editor in Chief of Larping.org. Armed with an extensive knowledge of grammar and voice-enhancement, she aims to wrangle our team to pull larping.org to the forefront of online larp content. She has committed two years, some tears, and a lot of love to larping thus far, has no intention of dropping her weapons, and loves that her passions for larping and writing fit together so well!

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