April 2018

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Hello Larping.org and welcome to LarpForge. I am the LazyLarper, this is my larp video, and today we will look at an acid effect, that could be used in a LARP. Special effects is something that usually is put together with movies. But we can also use it in LARP, at least to some extent. It can help enhance the story and experience of a situation. The effect could be all from smoke from dry ice, makeup from a zombie, bubbling water in the alchemist lab, red light, flames at a ritual, spooky sound etc. etc.

Of course all of this doesn’t help, if you don’t act on the effect. But if it done properly, it can definitely help you act on it, and it makes it so much more fun and cooler if it looks good. 🙂

larp special effects

Photo by OSU.

All you need for the Acid effect is:

  • Tablet (vitamin C Tablet)
  • Water

Do you know any good effects that you want to share?
Let us know, by making a post below.


If you have any requests for an episode you are more than welcome to make a request in the comments.

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Martin (LarpForge)

Martin, alias LazyLarper, is a LARPer from Denmark. He is the most un-lazy larper we've ever met and is the host/producer of the webshow LarpForge. He started LARPing at the age of 12, loves to make his own weapons, costumes, etc. which comes through in his show!

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