April 2018


The LazyLarper found some old episodes, and here’s the first one: How to make Knuckles for LARP.

Material (all prices are only for guidelines, if you have to by all new martial):

  • One new role of Foam =10 € , you can do with old scraps
  • 1 liter of Luiqid Latex (0.2% ammoniac) = 15, €
  • Acrylic paint (black, silver, copper, brown, red) = 6 €
  • Talcum Powder = 4 €

*I used scraps, I had from old weapons.

Total guide price: 6+4+15+10 = 35 € (262,5DKKR ; $45.87)

– LazyLarper

www.youtube.com/lazylarperIf you have a idea for a episode or want to help out in quest of bringing on the LARP heritage. Send me a mail to lazylarp@gmail.com or tweet to me on twitter@LarpForge.

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Martin (LarpForge)

Martin, alias LazyLarper, is a LARPer from Denmark. He is the most un-lazy larper we've ever met and is the host/producer of the webshow LarpForge. He started LARPing at the age of 12, loves to make his own weapons, costumes, etc. which comes through in his show!

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