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  • The Harry Potter Larp Documentary is magical!

    Harry Potter Larp

    Dive into the Harry Potter Larp with this 18 minute documentary.

  • The Voyage North Vlogs #1: Momo O’brien gets the hype train rolling!

    Voyage North Vlogs

    We’re pumped to have Mo Mo O’Brien coming on The Voyage North and gladly jump on her Hype Train! Follow her, she’s awesome: Tumblr - - -…Instagram - -…8tracks -  

  • How to Make a Collapsable Coffin

    Collapsable Coffin

    Halloween is gone, but it’s never too late to make a collapsable coffin

  • How to Make a LARP Weapon – Part 2 [video]


    Part 2 of How to Make a Larp Weapon

  • How To Make a Medieval Costume in Under 4 Minutes

    medieval costume

    Medieval Costume made in under 4 minutes. He does it in 2:30…

  • How to Make a LARP Weapon (PART 1)


    Do you know how to make a larp weapon? It’s time to learn my friend.

  • What’s the big deal about Nordic larp?

    nordic larp

    If you don’t know about Nordic Larp, you will after this article!

  • Larpers Got Talent: Julianna Shows us How to Weave on a Loom

    Larpers got talent

    Larpers got Talent presents awesome hobbies that larpers partake in. Episode 1 covers Weaving on a Loom. Which is ore awesome then you can imagine.

  • Knights and Nobles: An Intro to Larp

    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.51.56 PM

    To say that larp is misunderstood is an understatement. Often mocked, ridiculed it’s time to shed that baggage of the past. This video is one such effort. As a short, 6 minute introduction to larp, it serves it’s purpose well. Shot on scene at Knights and Nobles, this video dives into the heart of what these folks believe larp to be. What are your favorite ways of introducing people to larp?

  • 2014 Larp Census


    Everything you ever wanted to know about larpers.

  • Arial Footage of Mythodea


    It’s always fun to see the epic scale of Mythodea’s camp and battle fields. If you went, tell us in the comments of the new game. How was it? What did you like? The “ConQuest” is a big larp event for 6000 Players and about 1500 Fulltime NPCs and Tribe-actors that is taking place every year in August. Together, all participants fill the fantastic continent “Mythodea” with life and try to solve the over 1000 plotstrings full of riddles and adventures that put their wits and skills to the test. Whatever they do – this directly influences the story and future of Mythodea, to a good or a bad way.  Video Credit: Mythodea 2014 from connect-tv on Vimeo.

  • Dystopia Rising: I was murdered in the woods of New Jersey

    Dystopia Rising New Jersey

    The Verge covers Dystopia Rising New Jersey.

  • Knowledge Through Play – A Larp Education Mini-Doc

    larp education

    Osterskov Efterskole is the only school in the world that teaches through Live Action Role-Play (LARP). This documentary shows a day in the life of the school and was produced during the making of feature-length LARP documentary, ‘Treasure Trapped’.  For more on Treasure Trapped check out this link or see the website links below!

  • DIY Larp Hammer

    larp hammer

    Larp Forge is again gearing up for going to Conquest and showing you how to make a DIY Larp Hammer.

  • A Glimpse at “The Quest” by ABC

    The Quest

    We never thought the day would come when LARPing would go prime time. But the new show by ABC looks pretty cool!

  • LARP Hand Grenade Tutorial

    LarpForge Hand Grenade

    Got some spare bits of foam lying around? Turn it into something to chuck at people.